Monday, October 3, 2016

My Favorite Halloween Pins

I love fall and with fall comes Halloween. It hasn't always been a holiday I really celebrated but having Jack has gotten me in the Halloween spirit. Now that it is offically October it is time to celebrate. I'm not the type of mom who has the ability to do all the stuff but I enjoy doing small things throughout the month to make October a little more special. Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite pins that we actually do or will do this month.

These are super duper simple. Last year I didn't do ghosts but instead did pumpkins. I even quickly colored the pancake mix and were able to whip them up. I then used the chocolate chips to make different pumpkin faces. I'm not big into making food too cutesy but this is so simple that anyone can do it.

Don't just make pancakes...make Ghost Pancakes! I make these at least once in October lots of fun.

I've already printed a set of these. I use them with my students and this year I'll be able to use them with my nephew. Jack isn't ready for this just yet because he pretty much scribbles but it is nice to have these to use with my young students.

Halloween Color by Numbers Worksheets:

I printed this one off a few years ago and I still bring it out every October. I actually have it at my work because it matches my other decor and the vibe. I love the font and the colors. 

Second Chance to Dream: Free Halloween Printable:

We did this last year and put them in cheap, yet cute black frames. I even did this project with my nephew and gave the framed result to my sister. She loved it and the boys had fun.

Footprint Ghost Craft - Cute Halloween craft for kids to make! | #halloween #kidscraft #preschool:

I made this for a work week once and it was a HUGE hit. It is super easy to throw together and it tastes so yummy. I for one love sugar and salty together. This is my kind of mix!

Candy Corn Payday Mix

What is your favorite Halloween pin?


  1. I love the ghost pancakes! I'll have to pin that. I stink at pancakes...I get impatient and flip too early, but it may be worth a try for Halloween! Thanks for sharing these ideas. Hope you're having a good Monday.

  2. I love that candy corn mix! My mom usually makes batches of it for Fall. Cute pancakes and I'm going to have to give those color by numbers a try. I think Olive would love them even if they don't turn out perfectly. Thanks for sharing! We are hoping to do some cute foot print projects :)


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