Monday, October 17, 2016

Pumpkin Patch 2016

I did NOT want to go to work today. I thought about calling in sick numerous times and it felt like someone was pushing me into death row. Sleepy is an understatement. I was pure exhausted. Boy was I surprised when I found this cup with this saying on it which was full of chocolate. I love Parks and Rec so getting this mug made me so happy. 

We had a wild time at the pumpkin patch. Everything with Jack is full force and if you don't hold onto him he is gone. I literally lost him twice and one of those times was in the corn maze. I had to just run around like a crazy person until I tracked him down. I have to remind myself that each year going and doing things will get easier. Last year a pig bit him and this year it was a horse so at least there is that tradition. 

As soon as we got home on Saturday he told me to put my shoes on because we had to go ride a horse. It was his favorite. 

It was so hot that I had to just take his shirt off. This was the only time he was still and that is because I was getting his ice cream ready. 

Lots of climbing. 

This was the most decent picture I got of Bennett and Jack. I wish we could have managed to get one with Maybree also but this was chaos enough. 

Sunday we baked ghost and pumpkin cookies and painted our pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. I took zero pictures, just was in the moment. The cookies were delicious and the pumpkins were hideous. Fun was had by all!


  1. Ashley, your posts about Jack always make me smile, because he sounds just like my son!! Yes, it does get a bit easier every year! My son has never been bit at a pumpkin patch, though.. Ha!!
    I was just telling my husband less than an hour ago that I want to start watching Parks & Rec on Netflix. I've heard so much about it lately.
    Hope you have a fabulous week, and are able to get some rest. (You're saying, "yeah, right" to that....)

  2. A little boy in overalls is the best.


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