Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Jack is 4!

Today has been a whirlwind, Our life can be so chaotic and I have to just roll with the punches. Before I get into today's events I will need to backup to Saturday.

My friend Brooke and I went to Fayetteville to visit my college friend Betsy and attend the tailgate with her. We went for a little while Friday night and got up early Saturday morning to go to the Farmer's Market. My right side started hurting really bad. I tried to push through and even went to the tailgate but had to Uber back to my friend's house because I was so uncomfortable. I ended up in her bed until we left Sunday morning at seven. The pain never went away so I suffered through until I could make an appointment.

Monday morning at 2:45 am Jack starts throwing up all in the bed that I share with him. He has never gotten sick like a grown up. He has only ever thrown up two other times in his life. I felt so bad for him. He said "Oh Jack! You made a mess". So the first time I saw him on his birthday he was puking onto me. I quickly got us washed up and pulled the sheets. The mattress was disasterous. He was wide awake at that point so I moved to the couch and he played around me.

After about another hour of sleep I get up and dress for work. Jack is still feeling fine so the plan was for him to go to school and me also. I get to work and was able to call later and make an appointment for after lunch.  I won't go into too much of my awful doctor's appointment but I'll say I know nothing more and I hope to hear from the doctor tomorrow.

I got back into town in just enough time to pick up Jack's cake. My mom fixed Jack's favorite homecooked meal-meatloaf, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and corn on the cob. It was chaos when I got home. My mom was cooking and Bennett and Jack were running around crazily with a balloon. They got even more wild when they saw me with cake and presents.

The rest of the evening was just WILD! I had to put up the cake because Jack couldn't stay out of it. Bennett had a meltdown because my mom broke the news to him that they were Jack's presents. Jack ended up opening his big gift while everyone was running around getting things ready. Since he had already opened it I decided to get it out of the package so they could play while we finished things up. The fight was on then because the boys kept screaming to each other "you have to share".

Once the food was ready Jack wouldn't sit down to eat and all I ended up getting in him was some of the corn. Bennett kept flipping out because his food kept touching (his mom was the same way as a child). My niece was screaming because she didn't want to be in her highchair. All the adults were spending their time dealing with meltdowns.

The best part was when we sang Happy Birthday to Jack. He was so excited and loved blowing out the candles. He loved having all of the attention. He couldn't sit still long enough to eat much cake and ice cream. He kept running over to his gifts and taking off the paper. I let go of there being a time to open presents where we were all sitting around.

At 6:45 Jack went and crawled into bed with zero promting and went straight to sleep. I hope he was just exhausted and not really getting sick. If you have been around here long then you know that sleep isn't Jack's thing.

Jack had a great time and loved having a day all about him. Here are a few pictures from today's events.


  1. I know these moments seem chaotic, but cherish them! I promise you'll look back on them one day and wonder where your little boy went.

  2. What a wild birthday for sure!! I really hope the two of you are feeling better. Glad you got to be surrounded by family even if there were crazy moments. It sounds like Jack had a blast :)


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