Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Week...I'm Thankful for You

There has always been something magical about Thanksgiving week. You can feel the momentum build as this week is rounding the corner. Jack and I are both off this week. My nephew Bennett is going to spend the first part of the week with us since school is out and his parents will be working. I'm excited to have the boys help with the work and have lots of fun with them.

Here is a list of goals for the week:

1. Decorate for Christmas

2. Buy and prep food for Thursday

3. Wrap Christmas gifts

4. Mail off packages for Stocking Stuffer Exchange and Christmas Ornament Exchange

5. Paint hand turkeys with the boys, read Thanksgiving books, watch holiday movies, make Thanksgiving place cards, drink hot chocolate, bake cookies, and write letters to Santa. Big fun people!!!

6. Put together's Jack's Thanksgiving outfit (I bought a cute monogrammed iron on). Hopefully, I won't mess up this one like I did the one for Halloween.

7. Start gathering addresses for Christmas cards. Every year I have to do this...when will I learn to keep this in one spot to use each year????

8. Put together our family Christmas bucket list

9. The Great Toy Purge of 2016 (we gotta make room)

10. Get lots accomplished during this week off work but also have tons of fun with my family. I want to start back to work next week feeling rested and accomplished so I'm ready to tackle the holiday season with joy in my heart.

One amazing thing that I accomplished over the weekend was that I have completed ALL of my Christmas shopping. So very happy to have that out of the way. Buying gifts can be fun but it can also be quite stressful. It is one major Christmas thing out of the way so I can focus on all the fun.

What are your plans for this week?


  1. My list is very similar to yours! Except I can't wrap presents yet. My kids would open them ASAP!! I have the few presents I've bought hidden in what my husband calls " Santa's secret stash!" Hope you & Jack have a great week together!

  2. I have a pretty hefty to do list today. Which is my only free day this week. Here is to us and getting things done.

  3. So many fun things were in the works for Thanksgiving! I've never tried doing an iron on so you'll have to give your dos and don'ts sometime because Jack's holiday shirts are always cute. I just love all of the holiday themed things this time of year!


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