Thursday, February 19, 2015

Active Mama *Feb-March

I use to participate in a link up called Active Mama but my friend no longer blogs. Basically what it was you did fun things with you child, wrote up a post, and linked up. It was so much fun reading and learning about new fun ideas. Another great part was the planning process because beforehand you would come up with things you wanted to do in order to keep yourself accountable and also to help yourself get any materials together or planning done.

This is one of the Active Mama activies I did with Jack from before. 

I've decided I would try to write up my Active Mama goals and then post how I did. If all goes well then I just might make it a link up again. So here I go, my Active Mama goals for the rest of February and  also March.

1// Make a letter matching game for Jack and I to play. I want to either get 2 decks of flashcards and have him match them that way, or make something at work using the cutting machine and some cardboard. Obviously, I'm going to try the flashcards first because that sounds a lot easier. Maybe if I did flashcards I could anchor one deck to something somehow and then put velcro to the back of the second deck. Is this making any sense??? Like maybe staple the first deck to a cheap but semi thick tablecloth and then let him velcro the matching letters. We could just spread the tablecloth on the table to play or lay it out on the floor. We need to do this activity at least twice a week.

2// Pipe cleaners through colander activity. I would like to do this activity at least 5 times.

3// Sort pom poms by color. i would like to do this activity at least 3 times.

4// Read more to Jack. You would think as a librarian that I would read more to my child. He doesn't care to sit still very long. I need to do better at getting him use to listening. I can find shorter books and get him more involved. My goal is at least one book a day right before bedtime.

5// Take Jack to The Wonder Place. We took Jack there once awhile back and I would like to take him again now that he is a little older. It is almost two hours away but it is so much fun. I think he would really enjoy it more now. It has lots of learning activities. I want to do this once.

6// Water painting. Just take construction paaper and give him a paint brush and a small container of water. Hopefully this will be one of those activities that will keep him busy while I do small tasks like wash dishes or fold laundry. I want to have him do this activity at least 4 times, maybe more depending on how well he does. I'm a little worried he is going to dump the water out.

7// Color. Jack colors at school. We tried coloring here some but it has been awhile. I would like to try again. Maybe coloring can be the activity we do right after bathtime. Hopefully, it will continue to keep him relaxed instead of him getting all hyped back up after bathtime. My goal is to start making this a routine for after bathtime. We do bathtime six nights a week. This goal can easily change depending on how well he does.

8// Make and use a penguin playdough mat. I may also make other playdough mats to use. My goal is for Jack to do this activity once a week.

Things to buy:
/2 decks of alphabet cards
/pipe cleaners
/construction paper

Things to do:
/print off penguin playdough mat and laminate
/staple alphabet cards to tablecloth
/put velcro on alphabet cards
/gather books to read

You can read a few of my old Active Mama posts from my old blog by clicking here, here, and here.

Are there any goals you want to accomplish with your kid(s) this month?

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  1. I love the idea of putting the goals - and I love your ideas! We have pipe cleaners, but I never thought of letting Olivia play with them. Great idea!


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