Wednesday, February 4, 2015

5 Facts About This Gal-Concert Edition

1// The first concert I ever went to was Kid Rock and I didn't even like Kid Rock. I was a freshman in college and just didn't know any better.

2// When I was a kid I loved New Kids on the Block. Which kid from the 80's didn't? When I was in my mid-20's they went on tour so my BFF, her sister, and I drove to Dallas just to see them in concert. It was amazing and a dream come true.

3// I attended one concert while I was pregnant (Miranda Lambert). I would  never do that again. Drinking at a concert is fun and if someone spills beer on you, it's all good. When you are pregnant the smell of beer is disgusting. You don't want the wet sticky beer anywhere near you. I know some woman who can go out and whoop it up while pregnant but this gal just isn't one of them.

4// My all time favorite concert was my last concert. Garth Brooks in St. Louis! He sang all his jams and even had Trisha sing her popular hits too. It was me and two of my best friends. We got to St. Louis the day before the concert and we had the best time. We also were seated around the coolest people who were also having the best time. We actually took pictures with them like we were old friends. One of the best road trips ever!

5// Close second to my favorite concert would have to go to the one and only George Strait. I have seen him in concert twice and both times were fantastic. Surprisingly, the second time I went and saw George I didn't have a drop to drink and it was just as good as the first time I saw him. Speaking of George, I love this sign that is making its way around Pinterest.

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  1. I've always wanted to see Garth Brooks in concert because I've heard such rave reviews. I saw several boy bands in concert - 98 degrees, NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. Good times at all of them, but I haven't been to a concert in years :)


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