Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Powersheets Progress Update

I've been doing my Powersheets since January 1 and this has been the first goal tracker I've ever stuck with for this long. I've also never been so productive. I'm sticking to my New Year's Resolutions like never before. It feels amazing!

One of my favorite aspects of the Powersheets is the spring refresh section. It makes it so you are able to decide if you want to keep those goals, throw some out, or just tweak them a little. I love that it is built in so you don't feel like you are a failure if you need to change directions.

Here is a quick rundown of how my life has changed since January 1...

  • I've joined the Women's Service League of McGehee and have participated in my first committee for the organization. I've loved being able to get involved in my community and meeting like minded people.
  •  I'm reading the Bible in a year and have been so surprised by how much I'm enjoying it. I know I'll finish before the year is up.
  • I signed Jack up for t-ball in order to spend more quality time with him and to meet more moms in my community. It hasn't been easy but I'm still glad I did it because we've both been enjoying having something to do together.
  • Move more. I bought a Fitbit and have already upped my goal from 7500 to 10000. I'm easily reaching that goal and will need to up it more soon. I haven't really lost any weight but it does feel good moving more. 
  • Love the people around me. I struggled for awhile trying to figure out what my calling is in this season of my life. After much thinking and praying I determined that I need to focus on loving the people around me. I've been reaching out more to friends. While at work I'm more intentional with my co-workers and students. I've seen amazing progress in these relationships just by doing a little more. I've given small gifts (coffee, candy, cute pillows, bought lunch), checked on students who are having a hard time, written thank you notes, given more hugs, and really listened to those I'm talking to. I've also done the same with my family members. I've given grace, listened, done favors, brought home surprises, and laughed more with the people I share a roof with. 
  •  I was able to secure Jack's future a little more by getting Jack's father to sign his rights away and he'll soon be a Ponder. The day I get that birth certificate will be one of the top happiest days of my life.
  • I started Paxil and I can't say enough positive things it has done for me. I'm so much more calmer now. Dealing with such an active child like Jack, Paxil has been a God-send. 
  • Using Walgreens I created photo books for Jack. I have one for each year and I'm buying one once a month. I'm also staying on top of adding pictures to the 2017 album to make creating that photo book a sinch.  
  • I've been able to start a savings account. I've also been paying on debt regularly and making progress.
  • Getting more organized has also been one of my goals every year. Oh the process I have made. I got rid of a lot of toys, clothes, shoes, and papers. I'm also staying on top of my car which gets cluttered really quickly with a 90 minute commute to work. I've also established a folder that all important mail goes into and then once a week I sort through it and add the important stuff to my important documents/bills binder. I've also created a google sheets document to record my debt that decreases the debt balance on the sheet as I pay on bills. I love seeing that number go down!
Those were all the big progress moves I have made so far in 2017. It feels really good being able to see some actual progress in April. Usually by this time I've given up on my goals. I'm excited to see what positive changes I'll make in April and May. I haven't completed my Spring Refresh part yet but I know once I'm finished I'll walk away feeling renewed and ready to tackle even more. 

How are your 2017 goals going so far? 


  1. You're doing amazing stuff this year!! Way to go. Love seeing all the positive things you're doing for you and Jack. Go you!! I've fallen behind in my Bible reading and really need to get back on track.

  2. You are making so many great changes this year! Keep it up lady. I've always been interested in power sheets and even more so now.


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