Monday, April 24, 2017

2 Educational Toys That All Kids Love

This year in my elementary library I added in educational centers for kindergarten and first grade.  Each class is 40 minutes long. For the first 20 minutes we read them books and then they do centers for the other 20 minutes. There are 5 centers total and three of those are technology (one computer and two ipad centers). The other 2 centers get changed out every five weeks. We've done blocks, dice games, puzzles, but the two favorites are the gears and the magnets. I never would have thought that the kids would love them as much as they do.

Here is the gears set that we have. The whole bucket is only $37.23 and is enough for 4 kids to play with happily. They really make some interesting things. I'm really surprised by how creative they can get.

The idea for the magnets came from our STEM teacher. I thought the kids would think they were boring but boy was I wrong. It is by far their most favorite center. It takes two of this set for 4 children. Each set is only $19.64. 

I can't rave enough about these two educational toys. If you are looking to add in some activities that your child will really love and keep them occupied for a very long time then these are perfect. 


  1. Both of these look so fun! I'm sure that coming to your library is the highlight of their week. I love that you make so much out of your library time with the kids.

  2. Those look awesome. I love when toys are both fun and educational!

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