Friday, January 27, 2017

The Best of Friends

I have known these girls right here for a long time. I met Brooke (the gal beside me) when we were in middle school. That means we have been friends since 1995. Amy  (girl above us) came into our lives in 2001 when Brooke and Amy worked at the same place and then come to find out we all lived in the same dorm.

Amy and Brooke worked at a small diner that has been around for over 50 years. Amy was pregnant with her son Blake. Brooke didn't have a car so after I got off work from Fred's I would go sit at Rays until Brooke got off work. We had fun times up there. They would throw me some free fries and a drink and we would run the jukebox. Many memories were made there and our friendship grew.

We've been through it together and then some. We are all boy mamas so we have that in common. Throughout the years we have been there for each other through some hard moments but we have had way more fun times than rough ones. We get along so well and have decided that all trips just need to be the three of us because we just mesh so well.

Throughout the days we send each other funny memes or words of encouragement. I'm so thankful that these conversations aren't seen by others. People would be truly scared of our mental status.

We spend Girls Night Outs talking about our past shenanigans and laugh just as hard as when they happened. There is something so special about having girls who know your inside jokes. The same girls who will call you out on our mess or tell you that your hair looks a hot mess. That is true friendship.

I can say for sure that the three of us carry this friendship with us at all times. We respect it because it means so much to us. If we have a small falling out, it never lasts long. We are quick to say I'm sorry and thankfully these moments don't have to happen often.

It so nice to have people I can count on. Girls I can have lots of fun with. On February 4th we are going to Memphis to see Garth Brooks again and I can't wait. We will have a great time from the moment we get into the car until we all go back home. I already know we will make new memories to share and laugh about on our next GNO.

Do you have THAT group of girls that you have been friends with for years?


  1. I have 2 girlfriends who will forever be my girls. We've been friends for 16 and 8 years.

  2. Good friends like this are a treasure!! I have a couple of great friends dating back to high school that I am still close with today. It's fun to watch our kids becoming friends now.


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