Monday, January 30, 2017

My Favorite Shows

I love watching tv but I don't get to watch tv often. It is usually something I try and catch up on the weekends. My DVR stays full and I watch when I can. I still have them ready for me and they make me happy. Some of these are guilty pleasures and I watch them with no seriousness. It is fluff that I love.

Mariah's World

I watch Mariah's World because it is crazy. Her bodysuits. Her flirtation. Her flirting. Oh she is too much and watching her just makes me feel better about myself as a human being. The people she has surrounded herself with might be part of the problem.

Teen Mom

I've watched since the start so I'm invested in these ladies lives. Just this past week Chelsea and Janelle both had their babies. I'm sad that Kaitlyn and Javi got divorced. It seems like Leah is getting her stuff together and I wish her all the best. 

How to Get Away With Murder

I've been addicted to this show since the very start. It is amazing and Viola Davis is SO GOOD! The newest episode just came on. It is currently on my DVR and I'm saving it for when my mom and I can sit down in peace to watch.

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I've just recently started watching this show. I've been able to catch up pretty quickly once I was able to record season 1. They are the cutest couple and are such great parents. They have some parenting skills with 6 girls that I wish I had with just my one wild child. I truly pray that they do not fall victum of TLC and end up in gossip magazines and divorced. I would be devestated. 

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Americas Next Top Model

This is a guilty pleasure. This is the first season without Tyra and I don't miss her at all. The show is just as good. The catty behavior and the drama gets me. I love seeing the picttures though. Cameras and editing can do amazing things. 

Criminal Minds

I was late to Criminal Minds but I've seen many of the reruns and now watch regularly. Oh that show creeps me out but I love the profiling. It makes you think and I'm a sucker for a crime drama. 

Project Runway Junior

 These kiddos are so creative. I'm just amazed at all they can do. I'm not what you would call a fashion forward person but I still love seeing the outfits they come up with. I told my friend today that I think I like the Junior seasons more than the regular season because there is a lot less drama. Heidi is gone, but just like Tyra leaving ANTM, I don't miss her.


I'm been loving this show for all the years. You give me an afternoon off, a couch, and a SVU marathon and I'm happy as can be. This show has been through lots of transition but it has worked well for them. I'm still loving it today. 

This Is Us

I take my drama shows very serious. This is Us is the hit show that everyone is loving. I didn't love it right away but it has grown on me. I don't love the Kate storyline. Toby is an annoying character and sometimes I have to fast forward through some of their scenes. It's like Kate feels like she has to be with Toby because no one else would love her. The scene where Toby is in the hospital and he is all "mount me Kate". It just bothered me so bad because it is like he is degrading her. I LOVE Milo and Mandy! The past storyline is my favorite. This is Mandy Moore's greatest work.

I didn't realize how much tv I watch until I started typing out the shows I have to watch. Most of these shows stay on my DVR until the right moment. My mom and I watch Project Runway Junior, How to Get Away With Murder, and This Is Us together. They are usually are Sunday afternoon treats and I send Jack away to his room to play and watch his ipad. 

What is currenlty your favorite show?


  1. Fun assortment! I've been wanting to watch that Outdaughtered after I saw the previews. Glad to know it's good. I DVR Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, The Goldbergs and other random things. It's a fun thing to do after everyone goes to bed :)

  2. Mariah's World would be so painful for me! I would never ever be able to watch it.


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