Monday, January 5, 2015

Girl in Transition

My life is drastically different than it was this time last year. I'm the kinda gal that doesn't care too much for surprises. I like being in control. I like having a plan. I like knowing whats up. Ignorance is not bliss to me. Not knowing what my life would look like is difficult. I use to know and then the bomb blew up. Now I know nothing.

I have to remind myself (quite often) that I'm just in transition and life won't always be this way. I will not always feel so defeated and spend countless hours asking myself where things went wrong.

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I'm not sure what 2015 will hold for me. I know I'll be getting a divorce this year. That is all that I know. I have to believe my greatest happiness is ahead of me. I never wanted to be someone who was divorced but I am. Accepting that is not fun or easy. I just have to learn to ride the waves as they come. I know what I want my life to look like-I've always known. Maybe the life I've dreamed of isn't what my life will look like. Perhaps it will look different than I could have ever imagined. Maybe, just maybe, it will be better than I could have imagined. Until then, I'll continue to be the girl in transition.

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