Friday, January 30, 2015

5 Things From This Week

1//  Jack has the stomach virus and it sucks. I'm talking he has pooped and thrown up in every bed in this house. Every parent can relate to cleaning up vomit at 2:30 in the morning. If you are a new parent, it's coming and boy is it an experience. Even more fun than that is cleaning up diarrhea that has exploded out of the diaper and onto everything.

2// Although I only worked 3 days this week, work has been stressful. I've been doing my best to keep my work words in mind. I posted about them in this post. When so many things start piling on I do my best to plan for those things so they don't overwhelm me.

3// I had to contact my ex to let him know Jack was sick. Do you think he was a kind person about it? Of course not, he is such a j/a! He said keep me updated and then left his phone off for half a day. He finally calls me while we are sitting at the doctors office. At this point my mood is not great because we had been waiting an hour and Jack was crying and antsy. So he calls and I answer. He then tells me that I should have already taken him to the doctor. Since I'm sitting in a room full of people I just say okay to every ass comment he said.

4// I bought me a a small box of chocolates and a magazine and it was lovely. I also bought me a new type of nail polish. I'm excited to try and share my thoughts.

5// I'm planning a girls weekend trip for March (my birthday) and I'm super pumped about it. There is just something so exciting about planning something to look forward to.

I'm breaking the blogging rule and adding no pictures. This week was just so crazy that zero pictures were taken this week.


  1. Just so you know, I just stole this post idea and wrote one myself. :P I'm so sorry Jack is sick! Ugh, that is the worst! And Jeremy is a stupid head. I remember when Jon and I first broke up, I was so depressed that I did the bare minimum when it came to life--meaning that there was one week that Travis didn't get a bath at all. Jon told me that I was neglecting my child. Men are assholes. They're the ones who cheated and left, so why the need to rub salt in the wound? Just ignore him, you're doing a fantastic job. I hope you have a WONDERFUL girls weekend for your birthday. You deserve this so much!!

  2. Awe I hope Jack feels better soon! It's just the worst when they are sick!

  3. I hope Jack is feeling better now. I saw your FB posts and I felt so bad for him! And it's ok not to have photos sometimes...I find it refreshing to break the rules now and again :-)


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