Monday, December 29, 2014

My Quest to Blog

Blogging is hard work, even for an amateur like myself. I couldn't imagine being a top blogger whose readers expect great content, topics, and pictures. I blog for myself because it gives me a place to lay it all out there. Divorce is hard and being a single parent is even harder. I would love to get back into the blogging game, if you are a blogger then you know what I am talking about. I don't even have a "real" blog layout. I haven't dedicated myself to this blog like I did Mrs. Mama. I think because before I was creating a family life and this time life is scrambling up my family. Honestly, it is more fun to write when your life is going good. When things are bad you don't want to share. Who wants to see my bedroom at my parent's house? There is no mantel. No kitchen of mine to organize. Decorating is limited. Just not much to show. Now that I'm 32 and living at home it is like my family is being pushed into another family. We don't make the rules, we are guests. Of course, since it is my family it doesn't feel like I'm merely a guest but a guest non the less.

All bloggers have to fit in time to blog. Some even need to schedule it in like an appointment. It's what you do when it is important to you. Although blogging is important to me, there are so many other things that keep getting in the way. You know, life. I hope to focus on blogging a little more in 2015. Although life is tough right now I want to one day look back and say "look what I made it through".

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