Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Santa Baby

This is year three of paying the astronomical price of $14 for one 5 x 7 of my sweet Jack Jack sitting on Santa's lap. These mall folks know how to work a Mama and pull those purse strings. I may be broke but by gosh we will get 30 seconds on Santa's knee and a picture with bad lighting. As you trip over how much this wee one has grown, please take a look at these poor Santa's. Let's just say the old saying rings true here, men really do look better with age. No wonder Jack is screaming in photo two. Poor baby was traumatized my ugly Santa as a baby.  

Call me a bad mom, but I love the second picture with him crying. It is just so precious! There was a couple there today with a baby around Jack's age in picture two. They were trying their best to get him to warm up to Santa and not cry. That baby was not having it. They really wanted that smiling happy picture but it wasn't happening. They will realize that the crying picture will one day become a fond memory.
Jack loved Santa! I'm talking he acted like they were old buddies. He was giving Santa high-fives and getting up and down from his lap. All of the faux Wonderland objects were calling his name. He could have spent a lot longer there if I would have let him but Jack has a tendency to destroy things. The $14 picture broke the bank so we rolled on out. Yes, we literally rolled out because my Mom was with me and I had to push her in a wheelchair. On Thursday she will get to have her knee replacement. We are all very excited for her to finally get this done. Her birthday is the day after surgery so it isn't a great birthday but it is a new beginning for her.
I am very excited that the trip to see Santa went so well. Life has been so chaotic that I was worried I wouldn't be able to fit a Santa trip in (living in such a small town we have to travel 45 minutes to find a Santa). It took some serious planning and a little rearranging but it got done and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.
Do you take your child to see Santa each year?

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  1. Santa in the first photo looks demented! We took E for his first Christmas and I think by his second Easter we were done. He HATED it and we weren't going to torture him for an expensive photo that wasn't that great. We go to a drive through light display and at the end you can go into Santa's Workshop and take your own photos with Santa. The whole thing is donations only so it's way less than the $19 it would cost us at the mall.


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