Monday, December 1, 2014

Week Four Goals

Last week was Thanksgiving week and I took the week off from the world. We were out of school so I took that time to just get ready for the big Thanksgiving meal and all the company.

This week is Book Fair week at our school. Book Fair time is always super crazy and it wears me out. I'm thankful for the money we make but it doesn't make me any less tired at the end of the day. Basically, it's a rough week that I do for the greater good.

I have a fun weekend planned that is getting me through this hectic week.

Here are my 5 goals for this week:
1. Get the tree up.
2. Get my hair done.
3. December newsletter out for work.
4. December birthdays posted for work.
5. Go shopping for me a few new pieces of clothes.

Isn't it sad when I have to write shopping for myself down as a goal? It is going to be such a busy week that fitting it in will be difficult. Staying organized and being focused will be the only things that get me through this week with all my sanity.

You turn your head for one second and he is dancing on the kitchen table!

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  1. I totally get scheduling in time for feels like my birthday is the only time I get to do that!


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