Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gals, Game Changers, and Garth (Day 1)

Want to see a heck of a lot of pictures? Keep reading and watching. Sadly, I think I took more pictures in those 3 days than I did the first 3 days after having Jack. When you get three besties together for a girl's weekend then you are bound to take lots of pictures.

 We were like 15 year old girls everywhere-taking selfies like we just heard of them. We had to, just know we made fun of ourselves for doing so. Hey us mommies rarely get out and when we do it is very rare for us to have a whole long weekend in another state.

Things kicked off when Amy and Brooke picked me up from school. I stood on the corner with my luggage in hand. They pulled up and I jumped in. Road trip time!

Our first stop was the liquor store. We each bought a different flavor of the beer/margaritas. The weather was awful. We were going up, down, and around mountains in rain and a heavy fog. Our plan was to stop and grab some food when we got closer to Brooke's Mom's house. Brooke's parents have a summer home halfway to St. Louis. We let the miles get the best of us and we ended up at the house before we got any supper. Thankfully there was some food in the house. We dined on canned baked potato soup, mac and cheese, popcorn, and cookies. What a meal! It sure was yummy to us at the time.
Getting the alcohol but no food

Preparing for our meal

A very random plate of food
After filling up I was ready for bed. We knew we had a long drive ahead and plenty of time to visit later so we went to bed fairly early. Night one was very calm and it would be the only night of this trip that we made it to bed at a decent hour. 

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