Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend Recap Part 1

Y'all I had such a busy weekend and it looks as if things aren't going to be slowing down anytime soon. Bye bye summer, hello hectic. It's been lots of fun these past few days but it has threw me into a sort of shock. The lazy days of summer are gone and school hasn't even started back yet. Here is a little run down of what I've been up to.

My dad and I went shopping for my new car. I had my car paid off for a year and I really liked not having that car payment, but with driving so much for work I knew I had to get something more reliable. I had my options narrowed down to a Nissan Rogue or a Chevrolet Equinox. We checked out the Rogue first and I really liked it so I was ready to sign the paperwork. My dad is not like me and likes to weigh options. He wanted to drive over and look at the Equinox. One of the main reasons my dad liked the Equinox is that my sister had a really bad wreck in her Equinox where she was hit head on. She walked away with only a broken arm and her car was completely totaled.  To me (who is not a vehicle person at all) the Equinox had a lot of the same features as the Rogue so I really didn't care either way. He finally said it was up to me and I went with the Rogue. What was the deciding factor? The salesman. The Nissan guy wanted the sale more. It's a smaller dealership and he just seemed to have more respect for us and wasn't too pushy. The Chevrolet guy tried to use sales tactics that I don't like. You could tell he was so happy that we came back.

It was raining so we lounged around a little that morning knowing that we were going to be babysitting my niece at 11 while my sister and her husband took my nephew Bennett to his first movie. It was at 2:00 and I'm playing with my niece when my mom says "I gotta get some paper to wrap Bennett's birthday present". I said, "You have plenty of time" (his birthday is Wednesday). She said, "How is 4:00 plenty of time?". I flipped out. I had no idea his birthday party had gotten moved to Saturday. My sister always throws him a huge birthday party but opted out of the normal party for the movies, a day at Jumpzone, and a small family cake/presents birthday party on his actual birthday. Well it ends up that Bennett's great grandmother could only come on Saturday so plans got changed and I had no idea. They had no idea that I didn't know. I had two hours to shower, dress, go find a present, get Jack showered and dressed, and wrap everything. It was chaotic for awhile and it all worked out. The cake was delicious which helped to calm me down a lot.

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow.


  1. Love your new car! Bennett's cake is adorable. Thank goodness your niece knew about the party!! ;)

  2. Yay team Rogue!! Love the white and hope you love yours as much as I love mine! It's exciting to have a new car even if the car payment isn't so exciting. It'll be great to have a really reliable car again. Great choice. Your birthday party scenario stressed me out just reading it! I would have gone into panic mode. I'm impressed you were able to get all that done in two hours. Way to go!! You deserved a big piece of cake after all that :)


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