Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August Goals

How I'm feeling after today

Today I officially went back to work. I don't really officially have to go back until next week but I needed to get to work because there is tons to do before the kids show up on the 17th. I have to input all my 700+ students into three different databases.

I've been looking at names and numbers all day long but I wanted to stop for a few minutes to write out my August goals. One of my unofficial goals for this month is to write these goals down somewhere other than just here. I need them in my face. With this month being so crazy busy, I really need to write them down in a place that I see often.

Well here we go to big ideas and new school year dreams.

1// Finish detailing my car, get it sold, and get another. I'm thinking about getting a Nissan Rogue. My friend Brooke has one and has really liked it.

2// Get Jack and myself into a better night and morning routine before school starts.
3// Find my nephew a really great birthday gift and celebrate with him and my family.
4// Fix my lunch for at least 3 days each week.

I'm just now getting a chance to get back to yesterday's post. Very busy day yesterday....

5// Fit in one more pool day with Jack.

6// Get everything ready at work for the first couple of weeks.

7// Get a pedicure. The first month or so I'll be wearing sandals to work and I need my toes to look good. No one wants to see unmanicured feet.

8// Be more intentional about being a service to other women. Mom Struggling Well posted a podcast yesterday with an interview with Sophie Hudson and it really opened my eyes to what types of service we can offer each other. It is a great message and I encourage you all to go take a listen.

Well I need to wrap this up, swallow this last bit of coffee, and get to the pool. I'm working the pool from 10-1 today. The high is 99 so I figure there will be lots of people there today.

Have a great week!



  1. Good luck with prepping for the new year! I can't believe it's already August.

  2. Hope your back to work week is a smooth transition! I am with you there – I need them printed out, on my phone, on my blog, etc. so that I can always have them in my face! Otherwise I get too dang busy and forget. Great goals! I know you will crush them. Happy Tuesday!

  3. Nice goals! Love the one about prepping lunches for work. I need to do that! I'm usually running around in the morning and grab a frozen entree on my way out.

  4. Great goals!! I have a Nissan Rogue and LOVE it!! It's big enough to carry a lot, but still feels like a good size car. I bet you'd love it, too. Good luck with your fun summer goals, getting into a good school routine and getting all that back to school prep done. It's carzy how mcuh work it takes to get the school year started.


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