Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Best Parts of Summer 2016

It is now August 9th and summer is officially wrapping up. I can't say I'm sad. Although it is nice to get a break from waking up and getting dressed, I do love my job. However, it has been a great summer and I've really tried to be intentional about enjoying the summer. Here are a few of my favorite parts.

Spending time with Jack. Jack still went to daycare but we did get to spend more time together. I would take him late and pick him up early. I'd also pick up my nephew from daycare. Many afternoons we would go straight to Sonic to indulge in chocolate milkshakes or ice cream cones. Jack, my mom, and I went and saw The Secret Life of Pets and Jack and I spent numerous days at the pool.

Spending time at the pool alone. The days I worked I normally didn't take Jack with me. The pool we belong to operates on volunteers so I happily worked several days this summer. I knew I couldn't properly watch him while working so I often signed up to work when I knew Jack would be in daycare. After I do my duties that had to be done I would get to lay back and relax. I would spend some time in the pool and the other times sitting inside and reading. It was nice just to have that time to myself.

Learning to sew. I learned it and now I'm done. I didn't love it and so I'm letting it go. It was something I wanted to learn and I was able to do it but logically it isn't for me in this time of my life. I don't have the space or time. Plus, sewing has dangerous supplies and Jack kept meddling with them. It felt good to tackle something I've always wanted to do.

Spending time with friends. This summer has been the most time I've spent with friends since before Jack. My friend Brooke and I would meet up for lunch margaritas, we took a girls overnight trip to Riverfest, another trip to the I Love the 90s concert, I went and stayed overnight at my besties house, and a few times I went out with friends at night. We still have the beach trip coming up in September!

Reading and watching tv. I binge watched the whole Parks and Recreation series, watched countless reruns of 90210, read numerous books, and enjoyed my favorite summer show Big Brother. I very much LOVED Parks and Rec and even cried when I finished the last episode. My favorite book this summer was The House We Grew Up In. It is also the last book I read, which usually is my favorite.

What has been your favorite part this summer?


  1. I am sharing a similar post on Thursday, recapping our Summer and it looks a whole lot like yours!

  2. I'm glad you've enjoyed your summer! I love summer, but am really looking forward to getting back into a routine. I tried to learn to sew last year, too. I made Jentry a pretty cute pillowcase dress (probably the easiest project ever) and I liked it, but I agree, there are too many dangerous objects with little hands around. Maybe one day when they aren't so curious I can try it again!
    So, what are your thoughts on Big Brother lately?

  3. Sounds like a wonderful summer!! I love that you got to spend more time with the people you love, try new things and do special things during your break. I bet it makes heading back to school easier knowing you really made the most of your summer :)

  4. Sounds like a great summer to me!! I would love to have had time at the pool by myself! We're actually going to my parent's house next weekend and I'm looking forward to pool time during naptime!


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