Monday, July 11, 2016

Pets and Adventures in Babysitting

Friday night my mom and I took this handsome little guy on a date to dinner and the movie The Secret Life of Pets.  Jack's first movie was The Good Dinosaur and he made it through 20 minutes before we had to get out of there. He has grown up a lot so I decided to give it another go. Plus, he has been laughing so hard when he sees The Secret Life of Pets trailer. 

We made it through the whole movie! It wasn't easy but we made it. A few times I thought we might have to leave. Thankfully the movie was pretty action packed so it would catch his attention and he would sit still for 10 minute increments. We sat on a short row so I let him move around a little. The place was packed with other active kids so I didn't feel bad about him not sitting still. I'll probably wait until November/December before we do the movies again. 

Saturday my niece and nephew stayed with us while my sister and her husband went out of town for their anniversary. Bennett hates nuts (he calls them seeds) and my mom was trying to get him to try a cashew. He ate one and then suddenly this happened. All of this from one cashew. He was weezing and itching so badly. My mom and I quickly took him to the ER. 

We had my sister on the phone so she could hear it all. He has never had an allergic reaction to peanut butter so we never thought a cashew would do all this. The doctor gave him a steroid shot, some Benedryl, a breathing treatment, and did a chest x-ray. This all happened around two and by bedtime he was almost all the way cleared up. He goes to his doctor on Monday to start allergy testing. He gave us quite a scare. It was the wheezing that really was making me nervous. They said if one cashew could do all that then they are thankful he didn't have more. He did really great but kept begging to leave. It is hard seeing someone you love miserable and not fully understanding why we can't just leave. We are just thankful that he is better.

When I left Jack he was laying in bed and when I went to check on him this is what I found. He loves our dog Lily and Lily doesn't care for him so much. Lily is old and set in her lazy ways. Jack likes to pick her up and pretend she is a baby. We'll catch him wrapping her in a blanket. He loves to share his food with her and apparently he likes sleeping with her as well. A boy and his dog is just too cute.


  1. What a handsome movie date you had! I'm so glad he made it through the movie! You never know with kids. I think on movies that are geared towards kids, they should skip the previews. It's a struggle to sit through the movie, when you add 30 minutes of previews it just adds to the time. #thestruggleisreal
    Your poor nephew!! That is so scary. I'm glad it cleared up for him. I hope is allergy testing goes well today.

  2. Cashews are actually pretty poison if they are not cooked enough. They are related to poison ivy, actually. Isn't that bizarre!
    So glad you knew to run him to the Dr.--could have been lots worse, eventually. <3

  3. Your movie date was so handsome! Those previews for the Secret Life of Pets makes me LOL so I'm anxious to see it. Glad you made it through the whole movie. We haven't attempted a movie in the theater with Olive yet. So sorry to hear about your nephew's scary cashew experience! Hope they figure out what he's allergic to so you know what to avoid. Jack's so cute with your dog. Maybe he'll eventually win her over :)

  4. That is incredibly scary especially knowing it is someone else's kid. Yikes. So thankful it was taken care of quickly.

    I have been wanting to see that movie, but not too sure if it's cinema worthy or wait til it comes out on dvd.


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