Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cousin Love

Since Jack is an only child I am so thankful for the relationship that Jack has with his cousin Bennett. It works out great that we live next door so Jack pratically has a live in playmate. If we are heading outside I'll call my sister to see if Bennett wants to play too. If I'm going to pick up donuts I'm gonna call them too. We live a little ways out of town so it is nice to call next door and see if I can pick them up something if I'm going up town.

Since it is summer time I'm picking Jack and Bennett up from preschool early and we typically head to get a chocolate shake or sno-cone. They are really enjoying me picking them up. We will then head home and sit outside to enjoy our treats.

Bennett and Jack are like brothers. They fight like brothers and love each other so much. They don't let anyone else even say an unkind word to each other before they are ready to stand their ground for their cousin.

They frequently ask to see the other and if one is doing something fun they are wondering why their cousin isn't there. They have gotten into physical fights a few times but are always quick to make up and be friends again. Often when one has something and the other wants it, they will just hand it over. However, they are quick to run to someone and say "I made a good choice".

My wish is that they always have this bond. Bennett is 18 months older than Jack and within the last year their ages haven't made much of a difference. For the most part they get along well, play together, and look out for each other.
Enjoy ice cream cones

PawPaw found them matching hats

Eating chocolate donuts in bed

These are just a few pictures of these two from the weekend and there are so many more. They spend a lot of time together and it just makes my heart so happy to see them love each other. I'm looking forward to seeing their relationship grow and develop. 

Does your little one have a special bond with another like a sibling, family member, or friend? How do you foster that relationship?

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  1. Aww! Sweet boys! I'm sure they will always be best buds! How did Bennett's allergy testing go?


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