Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May Goals + April Goals Recap

April Goals

1// Continue with the couch to 5K program. I'm still doing the couch to 5k program! I will say there have been a few challenges that kept me from going to the gym every other day but I'm still working the program and super proud of myself.

2// Work on Jack's discipline. The timeout mat arrived today and so did the supplies to make some calm down bottles. So funny to read this goal now. I was so optimistic. The mat I bought is awful. I basically paid $15 for a lightweight piece of plastic that Jack just wadded up. The calm down bottles were also a joke. I made one, showed it to Jack, and he was completely uninterested. 

3// Keep my car clean. I cleaned it up real well over Spring Break and I would like it to keep that pristine look for April. I'm still rocking this one. I've always had a pretty messy car (super proud moment right here) so keeping it cleaned out is a big deal. I've been more intentional about taking stuff out of my car when I get home from work and throwing out the trash when I stop for gas.

4// Work on my 101 list. Thanks Holly for the idea. I've worked on this list and have been able to mark a few things off. I completed my weekly task for my 101 list, which was buy my mom something for no reason. I got her a decorative lawn stake that I heard she wanted but didn't want to spend the money on herself. I still have a few more items to make my list complete. I thought I had my list complete until I looked it over and realized I had a few repeats.

May Goals
1// Continue with couch to 5K.

2// Survive this month with a good heart. May is super busy as a teacher. I'm looking at my calendar right now and there is something on it every. single. day. I don't mind being busy (I actually thrive on busy) but sometimes I can lose my good and happy heart along the way. I need to stay intentional about treating the people around me with grace. 

3// Get all my sewing supplies together. I've decided I'm going to try and learn how to sew this summer. It is something I've always wanted to learn and I've been complaining about not having anything to do this summer so I figured learning to sew would be great. 

4// Work on potty training with Jack. It seems we keep taking one step forward and two steps back. I'm not being consistent and I've gotta work on this. I got a new potty chart that I hope I can stick with. 

5// Finalize my plan and schedule for summer. I'm starting to look forward to summer (just a little) because I'm making a game plan. Gosh I sound so pathetic. Just know that I acknowledge this fact. I want to mix in some accomplishments with some fun. At the end of the summer I want to feel like I've done some great things and had some fun with Jack. 

What is your biggest goal for May? 


  1. Great list! I feel your toddler pain... follow through and consistency is key, but it's sooo hard. Good luck with the time outs and the potty training. I'm right there in the trenches with you. I feel like we'll have a great few days and then slide back. These little people are crazy :) Good luck wrapping up your school year and getting a game plan for summer.

  2. Love these goals. I want to learn to sew too! And now that I'm farther from the birth of Emma, I need to be working out!

  3. Love these goals. I want to learn to sew too! And now that I'm farther from the birth of Emma, I need to be working out!


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