Monday, October 19, 2015

It's Time [Jack is Going to a Toddler Bed]

Y'all. I'm nervous. Like real nervous. At bedtime Jack is a crazy one. It is very rare that he goes down with ease. I'm worried that a toddler bed is just going to make things even worse. Currently, his baby bed is about to fall apart due to his shaking it like crazy as it hits the wall. I've already turned his bed around (one side is taller than the other) and now he is moments away from being able to crawl over the tall side. I knew it was time to place the order for a big boy bed. 

This bed is due to be delivered on Wednesday. Oh I hope it goes well. Y'all I'm seriously nervous that the fight to keep him in his bed is going to be extremely difficult. I'll be sure to write about it later in the week. Also, if you have any help to offer please share. I'll take any help I can get. 

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  1. Cute bed! It sounds like Jack is definitely ready for the transition so I'm thinking it's going to be a welcomed change for him. Maybe bedtime will get easier because he'll love his new bed?!?! Sending all the positive thoughts your way and taking notes for when we make the switch from crib to big bed at our house.


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