Monday, October 12, 2015

Another Day in the Motherhood

Daycare called me almost 2 weeks ago due to Jack having diarrhea. It took 48 hours for him to finally stop pooping nonstop. However, the actual diarrhea hasn't went away. It was time for a doctor's visit. I have to keep him on a 48 hour liquid diet. Fun, huh? Nothing more exciting than denying your baby food. I also get the privilege of scooping up some of his poop and taking it to the hospital to be tested. Since I'm waiting of him to poop, I bet he holds off. Isn't the saying a watched butt never poops?

Saturday we attended the birthday party of friends. Jack had a great time painting pumpkins. We painted pumpkins at home last weekend so he knew just what to do. Why do some people stick out their tongue when they concentrate? I've seen other people do this. For all I know I do it also. I know my grandma does it when she sews. Thankfully she's never been on a computer so she'll never know I told you this.

The rest of the weekend was just a lot of relaxing at home. I read a book and started another. We watched football and ate too much food. It's hot here today but the promise of a cool day tomorrow is making it a little better. I need to wear scarfs Mother Nature! I don't think she's too into fashion. 


  1. Hope Jack gets to feeling better! I love his plaid shirt :) I'm hoping we can paint pumpkins sometime this month!

  2. I totally bite and stick my tongue out the right side of my mouth when I concentrate. All the geniuses do it! :-p


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