Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What is Your Passion?

I've really been thinking and praying about what my passion is in life. I'm not talking about my career. I love being an elementary librarian and I truly love my students. My mission behind searching for my passion or calling wasn't me looking for a different career. It was more than that. 

I see people in the world really feeling a passion for something important and I craved that feeling. My interests are so diverse that I felt like I loved it all but wasn't specifically all about one thing.

After lots of writing, prayer, reading, online quizzes, and just lots of thinking I finally feel like I have a passion/calling for this season of my life. I also have come to learn that a calling can change. What I'm passionate about now is something I feel great about but a time may come where I might want to become passionate about something else. That is okay.

However, for now I believe my calling is to love well the people right in front of me. I love to serve others. I enjoy sending mail to friends. It makes me feel wonderful inside when I get to give friends and family treats. When I can do a favor for someone else it makes me feel good. When I take the time to really talk to my students I can feel the impact.

There are ways where I can cultivate this calling more. When a co-worker is talking about something important with me I can focus more and then go back with a follow up. Sometimes at work I get so focused on the work that I don't get personally involved with my amazing co-workers. I want to work on loving the people I spend my weekdays with by talking/listening, asking questions, giving small treats, and sending out words of encouragement.

Although I feel like I do a great job at surprising my family with fun treats. I want to take it a step further and do the same for my friends. I want to send more cards letting them know how much I appreciate their friendships. I would also like to start sending small tokens that are specific to them so they know that I hear their wants and needs.

I feel like I'm really ready to cultivate this passion. It isn't a new passion but one that I've been doing and working on already this year. It's something that has always been in my heart. It comes natural to me. Since I've now realized what my passion is I can't wait to really dive into it.

My overall goal is to show the people around me that they matter and that they are important to me. My hope is that others will take my lead and will focus on loving the people around them more. Showing care and concern doesn't have to be expensive. A sweet text from a friend can mean so much.

I'm curious, do you feel like you have a passion or calling? If so, what is it?


  1. I love this and while I don't think I would call his my passion, I will say that I've been more purposeful with my relationships this year, showing others how important they are to me.

  2. I love this idea and the fact that your passions can change with different seasons of life. I feel like teaching is my passion. It used to be elementary school kids and now it's my own kids. It'll be fun to see how my teaching changes as my kids get older.

  3. My passion is giving - I love being a nurse practitioner, running my own practice and a free clinic. But, I also love owning my own dog boarding kennel and being able to help out our local rescue group. To whom much is given, much is expected-that is my passion. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it made me realize, passion doesn't have to be a profession maybe it is simply a way of life.


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