Monday, September 12, 2016

My Favorite Phone Apps

I love apps! I use apps every day of my life. Some apps I use to make my life easier and some most are for entertainment. Today I want to share with you my favorite apps and hopefully you will help me to discover some new ones that I need to download.

Here is the third page on my iphone

Entertainment Apps

Instagram is my favorite social media app. Oddly enough I follow more people I don't know in real life. I love looking into the lives of other people and seeing what they are doing, wearing, and loving. I find it interesting to because the people I'm following aren't near me. It is like taking a tour of the world from my phone.

Candy Crush is the only game app I have. It is a good time filler when I'm waiting, going to bed, or during those times when Jack is playing in the tub and I have to be nearby. I don't get to play much each day which is fine but I enjoy it for those few minutes. It's great that I can stop playing mid-game and then pick right back up where I stopped.

Podcast app is my most used. I listen to podcast every time I'm in the car. My new car picks it up via bluetooth and I start listening right where I was when I turned my car off. My all time favorite podcasts are The Mom Hour, The Big Boo Cast, Mom Struggling Well, and The Girl Next Door.

Useful Apps

Wunderlist is a list making app. You can create folders within folders and even share your lists for others to add items, as well as just send the lists to other people. Once you mark something off it disappears. Most of my lists are ones that can be ongoing. Here are a few of my lists: Christmas lists, questions (things I need to look up when I can), personal goals, work goals, to do, packing list, and books to read. I try to take a minute or two each day to look over what I can mark off or what I might like to add.

Groovebook is an app where you upload up to 100 pictures each month and you get a booklet of them for only $2.99. I love that once you upload the picture it marks it so you don't upload it more than you want. Lately I've been loving going to friends's Facebook photos, capturing them, and then uploading them to my Groovebook account. I've then been putting the pictures into a photo album and giving them as gifts.

Amazon is the main place where I shop online. I have a prime membership and I enjoy the free two day shipping. My favorite part about Amazon is getting to make wishlists and being able to view other wishlists. During Christmas I really use this feature a lot.

So now that I have shared my favorite apps, I would love to hear what apps you are using to make life easier and the ones you use for entertainment.


  1. The apps I use most often are Dunkin' Donuts, Instagram, FB, Wunderlist, Amazon, Sunset & Rise.

  2. Love the tips on the podcasts! I'm going to check a few of them out for sure. :)

  3. Great list! I need to add the pod cast app to my phone. I'm currently loving instagram, snapchat, espn and bloglovin.

  4. I love podcasts, even recently writing a post on a few I like tons. As for my favorites, they'd be my Memo app, Wordpress (for drafting posts), the internet, youtube, and overdrive (for books from the library)!


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