Saturday, February 14, 2015

Yep, It's a Valentine's Post

Jack sent me flowers to school. I didn't expect anything this year being that my husband is probably getting his girlfriend something this year instead. It was a nice surprise! 

I left work a little early on Friday so I could rush over to Jack's Valentine's party. All of the other kids are nicely eating their food and then there is Jack who has....well you can see. Yes, these two year olds are eating cheetos, cupcakes, sugar cookies, and ice cream. The other kids picked at their food but not Jack. I finally had to throw away his ice cream after he had eaten everything else and half of his ice cream. I kept thinking this kid is going to get sick any minute.

The ladies at the daycare said they had to take Jack out of the room because while they were trying to set up he kept eating the food off everyone's plate before the party got started. We can't get him to eat at home. Now I know why. We aren't feeding him cupcakes, cookies, and cheetos. This child was in sugar heaven.

I get sugar cracked out Jack home and find that I have gotten a Valentine in the mail. Like in the real mail. I seriously love snail mail! Isn't this card so freaking cute too??? My friend Tabitha from A Hundred Tiny Wishes thought of me. Do y'all even know how much that meant to me? I have never actually met her and this kind woman didn't just do a random act of kindness, she actually thought of me, took time to pick a card, write in the card, address the card, and mail the card. We too often forget how thinking of others can change someone. Tabitha, the fact that I know you cared enough to think of me during this time is just beyond words. Thanks is just too sucky of a word. You made a difference in someone's life today and I want you to know that. My parents were like who is Tabitha and it was nice to say "she is my friend". 

On today, the day of love, let me leave you with this. Buying someone something because you are "suppose" to doesn't show the love you need to share. Don't forget to say the words that are on your heart. Maybe those words are I love you, I appreciate you, I'm thinking of you, whatever it may be, make sure you mean it and it comes from the heart. Also, don't forget to tell yourself how much you are loved.  You may not love everything about yourself but say a few positive things to yourself tomorrow. Pay yourself a few compliments and mean it. 

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