Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Images of Happy

This is round two of Tabitha's Images of Happy link up. The first round I misunderstood what I was suppose to do and only put in pictures from January that made me happy. Now I'm more knowledgeable and have included pictures from various stages of my life that have made me happy. I hope you enjoy and link up over at a hundred tiny wishes.

a hundred tiny wishes

1// I adore this photo of Jack. My mom brought Jack along on a work conference I had to attend. Since I'm a librarian I thought this outfit was just too cute. I really need to print this one and place in my Dr. Seuss themed library. 

2// For the longest time I gave Jack his bath in the sink. It was so much easier on my back. Those eyes! Those lips! I just think he is such a cutie in this shot. Each time I look at it I can remember the goodness of those days. We were a happy family of three just giving our baby a bath in the sink. 

3// I picked ths picture because I love these two people so much. Jessica is my bestest friend in the whole wide world. She is my Gail, well more like I'm her Gail, because she would be Oprah. There aren't enough words or time in the world to express how great of a friend she is to me. I love knowing that no matter what this girl has my back. She would never say a bad word against me. If I'm mad at someone, then she is even more mad at them. She would do anything for me. She listens to me. She tells me the truth. She is also married to the greatest guy in the world, Stan. They deserve each other because they are both so great. I knew he was perfect when one night she and I had too much to drink in college. We were both in opposite bathrooms puking. He could have just taking care of her, but instead he ran back and forth bringing wet rags and offering any assistance. I'm lucky to call them both my friends.

4// This picture was taken too long ago. We are bad about not taking pictures of the adults. We all have hundreds of pictures of the kids but rarely do we take pictures of ourselves and we need to fix that. Thankfully I did snap this one. It is my Dad holding his grandsons, Bennett and Jack. I actually printed this picture off for him and it is hanging by his desk. Jack said his first complete sentence tonight. He said "I want PawPaw". It goes to show what a great relationship these boys have with their PawPaw. 

5// Jack was ten months old in this picture and I believe this is the first drink I had after having him. My good friend Betsy and I went to the local Mexican restaurant for a few margaritas and some girl talk. You can tell by the picture that we were having a good time. Betsy lives in Fayetteville so seeing her was a rare occassion and when we do get to see each other it is like no time has passed and we pick up right where we left off. 

6// Bennett is my nephew. I love him so much. He calls me LaLa, which I adore. He is super smart. This was taken at his second birthday party. He is now three and a half, because at this age, the half matters. Right now when you don't do what he wants you to do he tells you that you are making a bad choice. Tonight at the dinner table he said "LaLa, can I have some chocolate milk please". This was after he asked his Dad who told him he had to eat his supper first. Bennett then said "Good job Bennett, you said please" and then went on to clap. He tries to play us and when I say tries, I mean he plays us. He's too cute not to. Bennett loves to learn, he wants chocolate all the time, he is serious about his tv, he enjoys his sleep, he asks to watch SVU, and he enjoys baking. I swear this child could be mine except that he looks exactly like a perfect combination of his mother and father. 


  1. Jack's eyes in that picture are soooo gorgeous!

  2. I love the itty bitty pictures! Oh man... fueling my baby fever over here! :) Thanks for linking up girl!

  3. Omg you look so much like your dad!

  4. Omg you look so much like your dad!

  5. Great pictures! I love this idea, taking the time to reflect on people and moments that make you smile :-) You're little one is adorable!



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