Sunday, February 8, 2015

5 Things From This Week

1// Work has been super cray cray! I've been so busy at work that I've seriously had to walk outside a few times to chill myself out. We are having to do state testing online this year. We have been working with the kids on the Chromebooks to let them practie testing online. Oh what a headache it has been. Since I'm in charge of the Chromebooks (99 of them) and the ipads (58 of them) it is a headache checking them out, making sure they get checked back in, and making sure they all get charged. Also, each time a student has an issue with a Chromebook the teacher sends them to me to help them. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have 8 classes a day. Each time there is a Chromebook issue I have to stop teaching to fix their issue. Okay, I have vented enough.

2// My brother Mitchell got Jack some magnetic alphabets for his birthday (yeah back in November) and I decided to open them up this week since Jack is showing more interest in the alphabet. I found an old cookie sheet to put them on and he really seems to enjoy playing with them. He doesn't know all his letters yet but he knows several of them. My favorite is when he says "w".

3// I've already accomplished one of my February goals! I went through Jack's socks and organized them. I got rid of the ones that were too small. All the ones that don't have a match I have put in one drawer. By the end of the month whatever is left in that drawer will be thrown out. Man it was great marking that one off my list!

4// Some people are so great about picking up the kid's toys at the end of the day but not this girl. I use to be that girl but gosh it just got so tedious. Here is the current view from our living room.

Please take notice of the upside down tv trays. Jack loves knocking them over and hearing the big clash. You can also see bills scattered around. Jack also loves getting into the bill drawer and throwing the papers out. Now that we are living with my parents, Jack no longer has an official playroom.  My parent's living room is the largest room in the house and has a baby gate so we try to keep him confined in there as much as possible. He hates the baby gate and is contrantly trying to get someone to open it to let him loose. Yesterday when I let him loose he took all of my Keirig coffees and threw them in the trash. #toddlerproblems

5// I am up writing this post at 2:30 am because I am thinking "yay a little quiet time" for myself. As I sat here in the living room I can hear Jack talking up a storm and when I say talking I mean saying a much of stuff that makes no sense. Plus, I've somehow missed placed the Dr. Pepper I was drinking and that makes me sad. 

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  1. Toddlers and trash cans = trouble! I don't know why they are so fascinating. Those letters look like a lot of fun and it's great to have a portable kind of magnet board for them :) W is by far the cutest letter to be named probably because it takes so much effort to say it

  2. That was funny - Olivia throws away so much stuff too! She knows how to use the trash but she'll randomly add in something important. I'm sorry work is so busy! That's the worst when you either get a break super late, or you choose to sleep - I'd rather have both.

  3. That is so clean compared to my family room. I'm honestly embarassed to ever show photos of the mess.


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