Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Biggest Downside to Breast Reduction

I'm writing this in the throws of what has been the biggest downside to my breast reduction. Hopefully, it won't come off too angry because I'm in massive pain right now.

Here is a little back story. I had gigantic boobs. I got them from my dad's side of the family. My mom's nickname is school was mosquito because her boobs were like mosquito bites. My sister has big boobs too but she has the good type of big boobs. You know where they are big and beautiful but don't come off like like she is wearing a tent when she puts a shirt on.

Well I had boobs that were so massive (by far the biggest in our whole school) and I hated them. By nature I hate attention. If you want attention, get yourself a pair of big boobs. Boys and girls alike will bring them up constantly because clearly I'm oblivious to them. I'm talking so big that finding bras to fit was like hunting for the coolest Christmas toy of the season. I know you want to see a picture and if they weren't all hidden away in storage I would share.

High school was not a fun time for me and I blame in on the boobs. Guys walked down the hallway constantly making comments. Some of them even went as far as touching them "on accident". Grils were caddy and even my friends made jokes and comments. My nickname was Dolly Parton. I hate attention and these things were given me the worst kind.

The pain I was experiencing in my back surely didn't help matters. My mom knew how much I hated them. Since I was on ARkids insurance at the time and would be taken off at the age of 18 my mom suggested that the summer before I started my summer year that I have a breast reduction. I was onboard!

The last thing I wanted to do was start college with these massive breasts. I wanted a fresh start.

The surgery itself went well. Since it was done 14 years ago lots of advances have been made. My best friend got one done a few years ago and she had drainage tubes (which I didn't have). I healed quickly and went on my merry way.

Then came the problem. I noticed that when my left nipple (let me mention it had to be removed and reattached) gets cold it hurts like a pain that is undescribable. It feels like it is on fire which yes is irronic because the nipple is cold. You should have seen the things I have done to try to ease the pain-hairdry, bengay, heating pad, literally have pulled my boob out in the car in front of the vent, wrapped it in out of the dry towels....

Mostly it just takes time for the pain to go away. Luckily it isn't an everyday thing and mostly it is in the winter months. When I was pregnant that was when it was the worst. I would wrap that sucker up like it was a broken leg trying to keep all water off of it.

I've googled it and other people experience the same thing but what I haven't gotten is any solutions. I go for my woman check-up in March and I'm going to bring it up to her.

Other than this crazy boob pain, I am so thankful that I had the breast reduction.


  1. Wow.... funny thing- I've thought about a reduction. I've always been bigger chested, and my back has suffered for it. Will I ever get one? Probably not... but jeeze girl! I hope it gets better. Hugs!

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