Monday, February 2, 2015

February Goals

I was given a lot about whether or not to post a goals post this month. One part of me thinks "who wants to read my personal goals?". After some thought I realized that I like reading other goal posts because I enjoy learning what others are working on.

Let me say. I rocked it in January!

I actually finished my January goals before February started. I debated on waiting or just moving forward and decided that who cares if it isn't officially February, I'll just get a few days of a head start (Febrary is a short month and all).

1. Put back $100 (this is one of my New Year's Resolutions)

2. Run a mile without stopping. I'm really worried about this one and my abililty to keep the committment.

3. Cook a new dish and write a blog post about it.

4. Get my nails done. I deserve it! It is also part of my New Year's Resolution of looking more put together.

5. Read one book.

6. Get my taxes done.

7. Bake something and take to my coworkers.

8. Clean out Jack's sock drawers. Yes, there is an s on the end of drawers. There are way too many socks that no longer fit or have no matches.

After such a successful January, I'm excited to see what I can accomplish in February. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else's February goals are for this month.


  1. We have a lot of the same goals for this month! As for running a mile, you can definitely do it! If you run a little bit every day or every couple of days, you should be able to work up to a mile after just a week or two! I'm aiming to run a 5K next month so I need to start running regularly again! And you wanna send some of Jack's socks our way?! I sent Travis to daycare today with mismatched socks because we were running late and that's all that I could find!

  2. I started c25k a few weeks ago and running a mile is definitely doable. Just work yourself up to it. I'm glad you joined the link up!

  3. You have the same goals I do. Get my taxes done. UGH!! I want to go get a pedicure so bad. Since I rarely wear toe shoes her in Florida, must keep the toes pretty.

  4. You and me both girl - I haven't gotten my nails done in forever!

  5. Great list!! I'm sure your co-workers would love some of your treats. I'm thinking the same thing with reading a book or two this month, cleaning out some drawers and trying a few new recipes. Let's agree to post them if they turn out yummy!!


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