Thursday, February 12, 2015

Straight Up Random

I really wanted to stay on my blogging game and keep posts coming out on the regular but boy can life get in the way of that at times. Since I skipped Monday-Wednesday I'll just combine everything in one post. Cliffnotes people!

1// I finished with Jack's classes Valentines 3 days early!!! I think it is because I'm still new to this that I find it fun. I'm sure by the time he is in the first grade I'm going to be throwing some cartoon paper Valentine's together. For now, I still find it Mama Fun to be cutesy.

2// We were suppose to go to court yesterday but were able to work a deal out because his lawyer really didn't want to travel to the hearing. So as it stands right now Jack's dad can see him from 10 am- 7 pm every Saturday. I also get $25 a week in child support. I'll be putting this money into a savings account for Jack.

3// We do the whole Secret Pal thing at work and well my SP hooked me up yesterday. Just look at my loot. 

The necklace has a stone with Jack's birthstone (how sweet!). Candy....thanks please! There is also a notebook of sticky notes of various sizes. Any teacher loves (and always needs) sticky notes.

4// I can't get Uptown Funk out of my head. Ever...even in my sleep, I am jamming.

5// I'm off work Monday and daycare is open. This Mama is taking her kid to daycare and I'm taking the day for myself. Yep, sure am. I may lay in bed and watch Scandal all day and eat a half priced boxed of Valentines chocolate. I'm not sure yet. I'm still planning. Gotta love when a Mama has options!


  1. Uptown Funk is the catchiest song ever. You're only getting $25 in child support a week? Why is that?

  2. Your secret pal did good... what a fun idea :)

  3. I now have Uptown Funk stuck in my head...thanks! :-P

    I did the GoSqueez Valentines. They were a hit!

  4. Those valentines are adorable!! Hope you have a great weekend :)


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