Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Wintery Week

Monday I was off work for President's Day and so I got Jack all ready for daycare. He looked super cute so I posted the picture on Facebook with a caption about being all ready for school. One of his teachers posted under the picture that daycare was closed due to the weather. Man was I sad. I had a whole day planned for myself. 

I took him out of that outfit and put on his Razorback suit. He is such a silly boy. When my nephew Bennett saw him he said "Pig Sooie". 

As the day progressed the winter weather did come on in. Here is a picture of the ice in the trees. The only positive thing I can say about the ice is that it is pretty. We ended up losing electricity. My sister and nephew came over and my mom, sister, and I played UNO. Why is it that we never play games until we lose electricity. We decided that we had so much fun that we were going to do this more often even if the lights were on. Our next game is going to be Phase 10. 

We were out of school that Tuesday also and Jack was able to go to daycare so I was able to have a day to myself. You know what I did? I slept almost the whole time except when I was watching tv in bed. It was so nice! 

Another round of wintery weather is suppose to be coming in late tomorrow and early Monday. I really hope we get some snow this time. Jack and my nephew Bennett both love the movie Frosty the Snowman so I would love to see them to get to make their own snowman. I just think they would really enjoy that. Living in south Arkansas we can never count on what the weather man says we always just have to wait and see what happens. I know I sure wouldn't mind a day off work to make a snowman with these boys, drink hot cocoa, watch Frosty the Snowman for the zillionth time, and play cards with my family. Bring on the snow (please!). 


  1. Jack is so cute! Our daycare was closed for presidents day as well. So sorry you lost power! Our power goes out at the drop of a hat - it is so annoying. And cold! We're ready for warmer weather too!

  2. Glad you ended up getting your day of rest. We've had some weird wintery weather with more on the way tomorrow. I'm hoping for a bit of snow, but it's probably unlikely.


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