Thursday, May 3, 2018

Meet Hank

On April 21st we got a 3 week old male puppy. I've been wanting to get Jack a dog for awhile now. My sister got this puppy's sister the day before. It is a heartbreaking story that once our family heard about we had to help. The Mama dog was a stray and had the two puppies under someone's house. When the owner of the home tried to get the puppies out the mama dog bit the homeowner (well of course that is what the mama dog is gonna do!). Well the owner called the dog catcher and they shot the Mama. It just breaks my heart. The babies were taken to our towns vet clinic. A lady my sister works with fosters dogs and my sister couldn't resist taking the girl dog home. By the next morning the male puppy belonged to us. They both had to be bottle fed. 

My sister named her puppy Kohl but we had a hard time coming up with a name for her brother. After throwing names around the whole day I finally googled male dog names and said them until Jack landed on one he liked. He said he liked the name Hank and I liked it too. 

It's been almost two weeks since we have welcomed Hank into our lives. The first week was super hard. I was having to get up all hours of the night to bottle feed Hank. Jack being such a light sleeper would get up too and there were days where I thought I can't do this anymore. However, we have survived! 

Hank has doubled in size and is no longer needing to be bottle fed. He gets formula and also soft dog food. He and his sister have had vet visits and are doing well. 

Jack is obsessed with Hank and I am looking forward to seeing these two bond for years to come!