Monday, February 16, 2015

Why Do I Pick Your Blog?

I like to go blog shopping. Of course, I have my favorites that I read on the daily, but I'm always searching for new blogs to follow. As my life changes so does my interests. So what causes me to choose one blog over another blog to follow?

1// Topic. I like to read about the following topics:
motherhood pros and cons
parenting topics
personal growth
beauty-mainly products

2// Genuine. There are lots of blogs on motherhood so how do I choose to follow one and not the other?
I'm not sure if it's intuition or even whether I'm right or wrong but I usually can tell if a blogger is being real or not. Nothing is more boring than reading someone who has shit out a bunch of sunshine and rainbows. I'm not saying you have to share the negative and I'm not saying that a trip to Target ain't the boom but what I am saying that not each ordinary moment was OMG, presh, be still my heart, freakin' wonderful. Just be honest and it will show and believe me, those blogs are a lot more interesting to read.

3// Good product reviews. I'm not going to ignore a blog for doing a product review. Now if you start doing them all the time, I'll probably drop you. Some readers ignore product reviews but I try and make a point to read them, especially if I read your blog daily. I've known several bloggers who each time they wrote a product review the product was the best product they ever used. After awhile they come off as untrustworthy. See you later alligator!

4//  Location. There is just something satisfying about reading the words of a blogger that lives in your state. Some of you are probably lucky enough to maybe even live in the same cities as your favorite bloggers. Since I'm from Arkansas and we don't have a huge blogger population, I get super excited and enjoy reading most blog that are written by bloggers from my state (as long as they fit within the topics I'm interested in).

5// Variety. For the most part I don't follow a lot of blog that focus only on one topic, such as just cooking or crafts. I do have a few exceptions such as I Heart Crafty Things , I Heart Organizing, and Artsy-Fartsy, Mama. I prefer more lifestyle type blogs. Variety is more my thing. I want to read about the different facets of your life.

Why do you pick a blog to read?

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  1. I read blogs for very similar reasons - great content, motherhood, real people, crafts, location and fun recipes. I also enjoy reading bloggers who share their real life with their readers. I tend to break up with bloggers who do tons of sponsored posts, never interact with readers or do an excessive amount of giveaways. I try to participate in link ups to discover new bloggers.


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