Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week 9 Goals Recap + Week 10 Goals

Week 9 Goals

1// Walk 8,000 steps most days. I wrote this post on how I add steps to my day.

2// Take lunch to school. Bonus points if I pack it the night before. I brought my lunch each day except for on Thursday. On Thursday a local restaurant delivers food to the school. I ordered a wonderful Italian Chicken Salad. 

3// Buy an address book and start filling it up. I use to have one I used religiously but it is packed up somewhere. One of my resolutions is to send more snail mail so this is very important to have.

4// Keep drinking that water! It really is amazing how drinking water makes you crave more water. 

5// Make taco soup. It is perfect for the cold weather we are having, plus what yummy leftovers for lunch! I had it for 2 suppers and a lunch. So good!

6// Continue reading devotional.

7// Pick out that one little word and get that post ready to do. I've been giving it a lot of thought and I'm excited to finally pick that one little word that is going to make 2016 so great. You can read that post here

8// Start my taxes. We don't get our W-2s until the 20th but I'm going to go ahead and start getting things together. I've done everything I can do without a W-2. We don't get ours until the 20th (pay day). 

9// Dye my hair. I'm starting to see some grays pop out again. I never got around to getting this done.

10// Do Jack's Valentine canvas art. 

Week 10 Goals

1// Do my taxes.

2// Pay bills. I get paid once a month so it is time to start paying off that debt for 2016.

3// Finish book and start another.

4// Do a sit down and examine where I'm at with my long term goals. What is working?       What is not working? 

5// Drink that water!

6// Continue packing lunch for work. 

7// Be thinking about or purchase something for my Secret Pal. 

8// Finish putting together Jack's class Valentines. 

This is going to be a super busy week.

Our school's PTO is having a dance on Saturday. Since I'm the treasurer, I have to help. I think it will be fun but it completely nixes out my Saturday.  Typically I write 10 goals but I have some pretty hefty goals on here so I'm gonna keep it at 8 for this week.

I hope you ladies have a wonderful week. I kinda fell off the dieting train this weekend but am back full force. I had a nice 3 day weekend where nothing exciting happened-just the way I like it. 

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  1. I just started gathering things for taxes and am hoping we get an early start on them this year. Once you start drinking more water it seems as though you are dying of thirst if you don't keep it up :) Good luck with your goals this week. I got a couple of new books so I need to get busy and read them.


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