Tuesday, January 12, 2016

One Little Word {2016}

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I've been giving this one little word a lot of thought. Before I tell you the word I finally came up with I want to share with you why this word is important. In order to do that I have to tell you that 2015 was hard. Like divorce, and living with your parents at 33, raising a toddler as a single parent kinda hard. 2015 was facing my situation and muddling through the hard stuff.

It was surviving.

It was work.

It was seeing a therapist and working through crap.

I've done it. I've survived. I've worked. My therapist has cut me down to once a month. I feel like I have made it through the other side.

I've fought the war and now it is time for RECONSTRUCTION.

In 2016 I vow to....

RECONSTRUCT  my finances. There once was a time where I was financially comfortable. Many obstacles later and I'm in debt. This year I will actively work to pay things off.

RECONSTRUCT a home for Jack and I. Living with my parents was the best thing for us. They were here to help. They gave me all the support we needed. Once some debts are paid off, it will be time for us to be in our own place.

RECONSTRUCT my body. After I had Jack I became very ill and had to undergo two surgeries. My body has been through it. I gave myself some grace to focus on the hard things but now it is time to focus on my body again so I can feel better about myself.

RECONSTRUCT my peaceful place. A place where I can speak to the Lord and feel connected. A place where I can examine my world and keep myself in check.

RECONSTRUCT my thrill for the possible. It is such a scary and exciting idea that what is today might not be what is tomorrow. I need to remember and remind myself that things are possible. Life is not JUST work. It is about play and creativity. Life is about enjoying the most mundane things. Great things can happen and I need to remind myself daily of the possible.

Well there it is-I've finally picked a one little word and I'm happy to focus on the RECONSTRUCTION of me.

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  1. What a perfect word for the coming year for you & Jack. I love your thoughts behind it and your game plan for the year. Can't wait to see how things unfold for you two :)


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