Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 8 Goals Recap + Week 9 Goals

Week 8 Goals Recap

1// Finish Fates and Furies, then start another book. I've started the book The Girl With No Past. I'm not just in love with it yet but I'm going to keep going. 

2// Water, seriously! This is the week that I'm marking this one off my list! I bought a big thing of bottled water and have been drinking them at work. 

3// Take my lunch to work. I've rocked this one this week also. I still wish I had some more exciting food for lunch. Hopefully I can try some new things soon.

4// Eat breakfast EVERY MORNING. This one just can't be done. The best I can do is a protein bar. I'm gonna have to count that as breakfast. My body just doesn't take food that early in the morning. 

5// Walk 10,000 steps most days. 10,000 steps is just too much for me right now. I've now decreased my goal to 8,000 steps which is more doable. 

6// Write out work goals for the month of January. I really hope to do this every school month to keep myself working towards my bigger goals.

7// Read posts on how to improve blogging photography. I hope for you to see lots of better looking pictures in the near future. 

8// Pick a Valentine's painting to do with Jack. We worked on it this weekend and I hope to show you all very soon. 

9// Read daily devotional. It is what I do during our school's moment of silence.

10// Put on my makeup before I leave the house, and not in the parking lot of the school.  I've also recently tried some Mary Kay foundation and I'm really loving it. 

Week 9 Goals

1// Walk 8,000 steps most days.

2// Take lunch to school. Bonus points if I pack it the night before.

3// Buy an address book and start filling it up. I use to have one I used religiously but it is packed up somewhere. One of my resolutions is to send more snail mail so this is very important to have.

4// Keep drinking that water!

5// Make taco soup. It is perfect for the cold weather we are having, plus what yummy leftovers for lunch!

6// Continue reading devotional.

7// Pick out that one little word and get that post ready to do. I've been giving it a lot of thought and I'm excited to finally pick that one little word that is going to make 2016 so great.

8// Start my taxes. We don't get our W-2s until the 20th but I'm going to go ahead and start getting things together.

9// Dye my hair. I'm starting to see some grays pop out again.

10// Do Jack's Valentine canvas art. 

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  1. Good idea to pack your lunch the night before. I used to do that when I was teaching because it was one less thing to do in the morning :) I've been on the hunt for fun Valentine's Day projects to do with Olive. Hope you have fun working on the canvas art with Jack.


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