Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 8 Goals + Week 7 Goals Recap

Week 7 Goal Recap

1. Workout. I hope to lose some weight. I've just let myself eat whatever and do little to no exercise for awhile. Life had just been so hectic and it is time to do something. I have this Fit Bit to help. I'm not marking this off because I only exercised one whole time. I think this week will be easier to get more steps in since I'll be at work.

2. Make some calls I've been needing to make but have had no time. Totally didn't do this. 

3. Find something or a way to organize my jewelry. Here are some ideas I'm thinking about. I found a clear bead organizer that was really flat and fits perfectly into my drawer.

4. Finish the book Playing Dead and the book Sparkle. Both are great books. I've actually read Sparkle before.

5. Get my oil changed. It needs to be done but I hate taking it to be done. It is also how I feel about putting gas in my car. I really had to make myself do this one but I did it. 

6. Finish my New Year's Resolutions. You can read them here.

7. Write out budget for January. It makes me feel so much better knowing that this is taken care of. 

8. Organize beauty product drawers. It's gotten a little wild in there and I need to tame it. There is so much stuff that I bet there are some things I could be using now but they have gotten lost. I threw away things, reorganized what I kept, and even found some products that I'm excited about using again.

9. Find a organization system for Jack's trains. They are EVERYWHERE and someething must be done. I picked up a black crate that we are not storing trains, action figures, and small cars. Jack loves to dump out the whole crate and then pick it all up. It is what happens when I praised him (maybe a little too much) for picking up his toys the first time. He loves that praise! 

10. Water. Water. Water. I'm not marking this one off because I'm not consistent with it. I really want to try this water drinking system.

Week 8 Goals

1// Finish Fates and Furies, then start another book.

2// Water, seriously!

3// Take my lunch to work.

4// Eat breakfast EVERY MORNING.

5// Walk 10,000 steps most days.

6// Write out work goals for the month of January.

7// Read posts on how to improve blogging photography.

8// Pick a Valentine's painting to do with Jack.

9// Read daily devotional.

10// Put on my makeup before I leave the house, and not in the parking lot of the school. 

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  1. I always love buying new storage containers. Hope yours work out well for Jack's toys. Good luck with your new goals - I hear you on the water consumption and exercise goals :)


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