Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 10 Goals Recap + Week 11 Goals + Bullet Journaling

Week 10 Goals Recap

1// Do my taxes. I'm still missing one piece of information and then I'll be all set to go. I've done everything else so once I have this one thing I'll be getting them done. I do my taxes myself so I'm able to work on them when I can. 

2// Pay bills. I get paid once a month so it is time to start paying off that debt for 2016. I paid $1171 of my debt. So exciting! I even paid one thing completely off-man that feels good!

3// Finish book and start another. I finished the book I was reading but haven't started another. 

4// Do a sit down and examine where I'm at with my long term goals. What is working?       What is not working?  I need to do this every few weeks to make sure I'm still moving in the right direction. 

5// Drink that water!

6// Continue packing lunch for work.  I only had to pack 3 lunches this week since we were out Monday and Friday.

7// Be thinking about or purchase something for my Secret Pal. I did zero shopping like I had planned. 

8// Finish putting together Jack's class Valentines. Here is the thing, I can only work on them after Jack is asleep and well I have hit the hay right after he has this past week. I have some time so I'm not panicking but I would like to get it done soon.

Week 11 Goals

1// Try out making smoothies. I really want to see if Jack will drink them. He isn't the best fruit or vegetable eater so I hope he will drink them so I can get more fruits and vegetables into his growing body.

2/ Finish Jack's class valeintines.

3// Do even more research on bullet journaling.

4// Declutter bathroom products.

5// Volunteer at JBE Winter Ball which is this Saturday.

6// Start reading a new book.

7// Work with Jack on wearing headphones. He got screened for speech therapy and when they went to check his hearing he freaked out because he didn't want to wear the headphones. He has never worn any before so I plan to work with him on this because he is getting retested soon.

8// Fill out Jack's speech and development therapy papers. Where he goes to daycare they offer these services for free if they qualify. Jack isn't really behind but he has some things he can work on.

My Experience with Bullet Journaling

For the past week bullet journaling has been popping up in my Pinterest feed. I had zero ideas on what bullet journaling really was so I clicked on a few links and learned more.

The bullet journal is what you make it. The key piece to it is an index. Here is what I have in my index so far:
Page 1: Quotes
Page 2: 2016 goals and word of 2016
Page 3: Index
Page 4: Weekly Goals Jan 25-Feb 21
Page 5: Weekly Goals Feb 22-Mar 20
Page 6: Step count Jan 24-April 22
Page 7: Books I've read 2016
Page 8: Blog post ideas
Page 9: Future home ideas
Page 10: Organizing ideas
Page 11: Recipes to try
Page 12: January Dump (where I put random thoughts and ideas)
Page 13: January and Feb happy moments
Page 14: Valentine's Bucket List
Page 15: Products to try
Page 16-20: Beauty Inspiration (cut out pictures and articles)
Page 21: Good deeds
Page 22: Feb dump
Page 23: Wish list-me
Page 24: Wish list-Jack

Here are a few pictures

I used a spiral notebook this time but I plan on picking up something else for my next bullet journal. I think I'd rather use something with no lines. I also want to pick up more colored pens. I had on hand blue, black, purple, and pink. 

I'm not a very artsy person and my hand lettering is awful but the great thing about bullet journaling is that you are practicing. 

Most people do a daily goals/tasks. I decided against that because most of my days are pretty much the same. I do better with weekly goals because I can work on those few things when I can fit in the time. 

This bullet journal is pretty much my rough draft. I'm going to use this one until I feel more comfortable with my lettering and decide what pages to take away or add. I've seen where people track more things than what I have in my journal so I may add more tracking pieces. I want it to be something that can function with me and not against me. I don't have lots of time to dedicate to it so I don't want to put too much pressure to write too much stuff down and then fail. 

I think keeping all my bullet journals will be fun to have so I can look back at them. It is such an interesting way to keep track of all the things in my wonderful life. Plus, it lets you be creative.

Have you ever tried bullet journaling? 

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  1. I bet Jack will enjoy smoothies!! I love to freeze bananas in bite sized pieces, add in raspberries, spinach, peaches, yogurt and apple juice to come up with yummy concoctions. Olive always wolfs them down. I've not heard of bullet journaling so I'll have to look into it since I love list making.


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