Thursday, November 13, 2014

Weekend in Review: Middle of the Week Style

Jack is all about climbing. One quick minute I go to the bathroom and come back to this. He got that Dr. Pepper. Determination in a toddler isn't so great for Mama.

My Dad killed this huge deer on Saturday. The little boys loved looking at it and saying "deer". I'm not such a huge fan of the deer hunting thing but for Jack's sake I let him look. More than likely he'll be a deer hunting enthusiast one day.

A part of me feels it's time for a haircut but the Mama in me just loves these curls. Jack is showing off his new boots that Nana got him for his birthday. He is also getting in trouble in this picture for throwing rocks. Why do boys love throwing rocks?

Other than what you see, I spent my weekend organizing my bedroom. I've had to go from living in a 3 bedroom house into one room. It's not easy but I've been making the best out of the space I have. Plastic totes are my friend. 

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