Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Trials of Single Parenting

1. Making decisions. Since you soley make the decisions then if things go work out it's on you. For example, Jack loves his bottle. He only gets one a day, at night. Since he recently turned 2 I truly debated about taking it away for good. Then I thought he will probably be my only baby, and it's just one a day, and he is already going through so much transition. So I'm letting it stay-for now. If this is a huge mistake then it lands on me. I can't place blame on anyone else.

2. Going to events. Jack goes to an amazing daycare. It is Christian based and they do a lot of family oriented activities. The problem comes when I just can't take off work for everything. I want him to have me each time parents are invited but I'd never make any money. This Thursday the daycare is having a Family Feast where family members can come eat lunch with their child. My Mom is going but I wish it were me.

3. Sharing the good. It was practically an everyday event me calling or texting my husband the newest cute thing Jack was doing. We got to share in that excitement. It was even better when we both got to experience it together. Only a parent will get THAT excited that their child finally ate a vegetable.

4. Picking things out. With the holiday season approaching way too quickly I'm doing my best to pick out just the right gifts. It has been enjoying in these past 2 years working together to play Santa. Not only will I miss getting to decorate my own home, but I'll also miss playing Santa with someone.

Beyond these there are so many little ways that being a single parent is difficult. I could talk about being lonely and the financial burden like most other single parents. It's not easy, but being a parent whether single or not, isn't easy.

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  1. I totally feel you on all of these! Single parenting really stinks.


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