Saturday, November 8, 2014

Jack is 2 in Pictures

This cutie in glasses had me laughing during Jack's birthday party at daycare.

Bennett came to Jack's room to celebrate with us.

They were in such a sweet mood. Giving birthday hugs is too cute.

Look at Jack's amazing cake! The lady who made it is wonderful. Not only is it a-dor-a-ble but it tastes so yummy! She is the lady we always use when we need a cake.


It was so hard getting Jack to be still for a picture. This is one of like twenty that it took to actually get a decent picture.
Yesterday was a lot of fun but it came with some divorce drama (ugh!). I love my baby Jack and he had an amazing day. 


  1. Love your new blog, and the adorable photos! Glad your happy little man had a fun birthday!

  2. Aww! Happy Birthday Jack! Glad he had a great day!


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