Thursday, February 9, 2017

What Happened to the Shoebox?

This week Jack's teacher sent home a note, a cardboard bag, and a big sheet of yellow paper. The note said it was time to make Valentine bags. When I was in school we decorated shoe boxes to put our valentines in. My mom said they made a heart pouch out of paper or paper plates. Well in 2017 they make bags. 

I blame Pinterest and moms like myself. We see cute stuff and we wanna make it for the world to see. Part of it is we love the praise but we also love having a creative outlet. 

When I saw the supplies I actually was really excited to do this project with Jack. They supplied each kid with a cardboard initial. I let him paint it red while I covered the bag in the yellow paper. By the time he finished painting it he had red paint all over himself. 

We used supplies on hand. We had a Dollar Tree wreath hung up that had cute felt hearts all around it. I tore the hearts off to use on his bag. I also cut out construction paper hearts. I let Jack place the hearts on the bag and hold them into place while the glue dried. We kept it fairly simple and we both enjoyed doing this project together. 

I've been making photo books so I've come across previous Valentine pictures. It is so fun looking back at how much he has grown. It is also fun to think about how much I've grown as a mother. 

Jack's first Valentine's Day

Jack looks just like me as a toddler in this picture. 

In 2015 I let Jack have a Valentine's bath and as you can tell he had a blast. I think we will do this again this year. The boy loves a bath and mama loves any time that he is contained. 

When you were in school what did y'all put Valentines in?


  1. I don't remember what we did but we decorated a tissue box for C this year. I think E made something in school but I won't find out til his party next week. I raised the dollar spot at Target for C and she had a blast.

  2. I think we had envelopes made of paper plates or something! Great job on this project!

  3. That's kind of fun really! I mean I would be okay with Connor putting them in a plastic grocery bag though, too.

  4. We always made big envelopes out of poster board and taped them to the front of our desks. Then our classmates would walk by and put our valentine inside. When I was teaching, my students would make really elaborate valentine boxes at home and bring them to school on Valentine's Day. I had to make a rule that the kids had to be able to carry them in by themselves because they were getting out of control haha :) Love Jack's Valentine bag and it sounds like it was a lot of fun for you two to decorate.


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