Thursday, February 2, 2017

How I Built a Stronger Foundation in January

My 2017 word foundation was in the forefront throughout the month of January. I built my goals and to do lists around asking myself "is this helping me build a strong foundation for us?". There were so many things that I added to our lives and some things I stopped doing. I want to share those with you today. I want to document this foundation and all of my accomplishments. I truly believe 2017 will be the year of great change for us.

What I've accomplished in January:

Relationship with God:

  • I read the book of Psalms. I actually finished it on the 24th so I've decided to move onto the book of Romans. I figure February is a short month anyways so I'll need these extra few days. 
  • I've been praying more often and being intentional in my prayers. My biggest prayer is "I want God's will to be done". 
  • I haven't been going to church. I'm full of excuses, mainly weather. We did good for awhile but got off track. Going to church and belonging to a church community is important to me so I need to make it a priority. 
  • I check my bank balance every single day and write it down.
  • I paid off two medical bills.
  • I did my taxes and now have to start thinking about how to use my refund.
  • I deleted some of my favorite shopping apps from my phone.
  • I unsubscribed from the shopping emails I get.
Relationship with Jack:
  • I got on the floor and built many of train tracks.
  • I played puzzles, Pop the Pig, Trouble, Candyland (even when I didn't want to).
  • I jumped on the trampoline and we had a leaf fight.
  • Jack and I baked cookies several times. The kid loves to be in the kitchen!
  • When Jack gets frustrated I would not yell but talk to him in a very soft voice. 
  • We snuggle often and especially when he starts to get super active. Today he said, "Mama wanna watch Dinosaur Train and snuggle?" Oh yeah sweet child.
  • I've read Pete the Cat too many times to count.
  • I've let Jack help me with chores.
  • I need to put my phone down more. I'm bad about checking and responding to a text message even in the middle of playing with Jack. The other day we went outside to play and I decided to just leave the phone in the house.
  • I've taken less pictures which has been bittersweet. I love having pictures but I know how good it is to be in the moment. 
Health and Wellness:
  • I went to the doctor and got on Paxil. The best thing I could have ever done!
  • I've been drinking more water but I still struggle with this one and am looking to buy something to measure my water intake that isn't too bulky.
  • Walking more. For some reason I stopped using my Fitbit. I think I just stopped wanting to wear it. Regardless, I have been making a point of walking more. 
  • I've been sending snail mail to friends to help cultivate those important blogger and in real person friendships. 
  • I've been checking in with two important Facebook groups. I want to build these relationships with my blogger friends and my Powersheets group. Both groups are so encouraging! 
  • I've asked a new Powersheets friend to be my accountability partner. She is so encouraging and I love being able to just text and say "I'm not feeling it today". 
January went so well that I'm excited for what February will bring. I have some great goals planned and some habits that I want to continue. I can feel our stronger foundation coming together. I can't wait to see all the amazing things that will happen for us in the following months. 


  1. I am so proud of you for working so hard to build that relationship with God! Once you put God first you will start to see everything else fall into place. Finding a church home is no easy task! It’s so hard to get into a church going routine, but once you find the right church for you it becomes easy. You are making so many great changes and being intentional with things! Keep up the awesome work.

  2. I, too, deleted the shopping apps from my phone and unsubscribed from the shopping emails that are never let up. February is my no spend month so I'm eager to see how much I can save this month.

  3. I like your idea of checking your bank account daily. I check regularly, but it would be good to keep a tighter hold on things. We got our taxes done and it felt soo good! You're doing so well with all of your goals and projects for 2017!! I am inspired :)


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