Friday, February 10, 2017


This has been a really long week. I never thought Friday would get here. I'm finally getting around to writing this and now it is almost Saturday. My Friday was pretty amazing! We ended the work week with a great day. The weather was gorgeous here in southeast Arkansas and although tomorrow should be warmer it is going to be another spring like day and I am pumped about getting back outside. Okay, maybe I'm most excited about not having to entertain Jack inside. He can run and play and hopefully crash tomorrow night. A mama has to have dreams, right? So let me get to it.

1// My Secret Pal is AMAZING! Inside this red bag is a bunch of toys like a slinky, playdoh, and a light up stick. She also gifted me this yummy mocha which was very much appreciated. I love having a secret pal to surprise Jack and I with fun things.

Also, inside the bag was this adorable Valentine shirt for Jack. His outfits are now planned for Monday and Tuesday. He'll be wearing this shirt on Monday and this newest shirt on Valentine's Day. 

2// I went with straight today and I kinda like it. I took this picture for the photo challenge I'm participating in. I've started MANY photo challenges and so far I've actually stayed on track with this one. What has helped is the Productive app. The free version lets you track five habits. I've been able to mark complete on each item since I've downloaded the app. Y'all, it's the Powersheets. By the end of 2017 y'all are gonna get sick of me talking about the Powersheets. Sorry in advance.

3// My dad got Jack and my nephew Bennett matching gators for Christmas and they LOVE them. Today was just so gorgeous that after school we let them ride. Trying to get these pictures was lots of work on my end. They don't want to stop. It is super cute when they ride together. What isn't super cute is when Jack runs into stuff on purpose. Y'all he is such a daredevil. He just goes full force into a tree and then laughs. Today I made him stop riding because he just wouldn't stop running into stuff. It is too new to break it just yet. Oh raising a boy!

Tomorrow should be a great day. The weather is going to be gorgeous so I want to spend a lot of time outside. We are going to make heart cookies also. Tomorrow afternoon I'm watching my sister's kids so her and her husband can do an early Valentine's supper. We are going to order pizza and decorate cookies. I'm also going to go ahead and give Jack his Valentine's gift so the boys can play with it outside. 

Happy Weekend!!!


  1. Your Secret Pal is wonderful!! She knows you two so well. Love that shirt for Jack. I also love your hair straight!! It looks great :) I bet the boys are thrilled with their gators. What a fun toy. Hope the weather cooperates so they can get a lot of time playing outdoors.

  2. Your secret pal is just so giving! She is too good to you and Jack, she know exactly how to win your hearts.


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