Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Perfect Toddler Gift For Halloween

At Jack's daycare/preschool they do treat sacks for the kids each major holiday. Most parents bring candy which I completely understand. It can be fairly cheap and easy to just throw in the buggy. Since I already know the kids will get lots of candy I enjoy doing something practical, yet simple, but not something that is just a toy that gets thrown away after the first day of play.

Last Halloween I found really nice flashlights for a dollar. I tied a tag on each one and I think they made a perfect Halloween gift. We actually used the one Jack got this week when we went on our ghost hunt. A year later and it is still working and not torn up. That is almost unheard of in this house.

This year I decided to do a book. I purchased 20 from Scholastic. I printed some simple Halloween labels and now that task is done. Now I can focus on what to put together for Christmas. I went with this book because it is age appropriate and each book was only a dollar. Score!

I can't help myself when I get on Scholastic and ended up purchasing books for us to enjoy this month, some Thanksgiving books, an ABC train puzzle for his birthday, and then a few books that he will receive from Santa. The books he gets for Christmas are not Christmas themed but books that are about construction vehicles. I'll purchase a few Christmas books closer to the middle of Thanksgiving. I don't like buying Christmas books too early because there will always be new ones that come out closer to the holidays and then I'll want to buy those too.

I love Scholastic for finding themed books, special character books like Paw Patrol, activity books, and educational games and toys. I'm really excited about him opening the ABC train puzzle. He loves the alphabet and trains so I think it will be perfect. 

What do you like to gift to toddler friends for Halloween? 


  1. Great idea! I'm sure the parents appreciated getting a new book to take home. I LOVED ordering from Scholastic - can't beat their prices - and really enjoyed seeing the books that were popular each month. You've got a great set up and jack is always going to be surrounded by really good books :)

  2. Scholastic breaks me every other month. No joke. Full confession: last Christmas I spent $77.


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