Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I Have Said Goodbye to Diapers

You may notice that I titled this post "I" Said Goodbye to Diapers. This was my choice, not Jack's. He's been ready and all the signs are there but he is just lazy. He doesn't want to stop during ipad time, or watching Paw Patrol, or playing to stop and go to the bathroom. 

Saturday morning I put him in underwear and we haven't turned back. I nag him to death and often force him to use the potty. We've had a few accidents but none on my watch because I'm very infested in seeing him succeed. He had one accident on Sunday while my mom was watching him while I went to Rhea Lana's and another accident at daycare yesterday. I call that success. Daycare has been exceptional about staying on him to go to the bathroom so I hope that after a few more days of all of us working together we will have this child potty trained. 

Jack has begged and even cried for a diaper, and although it is hard not to just give in, I'm staying strong. We had a battle last night. He was watching Paw Patrol but I knew he needed to go. I paused it and I wouldn't turn it back on until he went. He cried screamed for 30 minutes and then finally said "I gotta potty", went and used it, and I turned on Paw Patrol. 

Being this intentional takes real effort. My afternoons are so busy trying to get it all done that it makes it easy to want to give up. However, we have made it this far and I believe in a few more days this will become the norm for him. Today he and I are going to Wal-Mart to let him pick out new underwear and possibly a prize for doing so well (we will see what daycare says this afternoon). 

Wish me luck that I keep my sanity. When this child gets potty trained I'm giving myself a prize in the form of a large margarita. Let's hope by this weekend I'm saying cheers!
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  1. Potty training is the worst. There I said it. We've been confidently potty trained for about 9 months, the other 6 (we started last Summer) were a total mess. I sometimes miss diapers, gotta be honest but like all transitions, it's one that takes a lot of patience. And clean-up!

  2. Way to go!! Potty training is so much work!! You definitely deserve a prize, too. Glad that Jack is doing so well and I hope that you get a good report on him today. Great work :)

  3. Awesome job, Jack (& Mama)!! I tried and tried to potty train this summer and then a few weeks before preschool started, we went cold turkey, too. I think that's the best way to go. Pullups are a joke....yes, we used them occasionally, but it's really setting them up to fail. Yes, you're going to have to clean up some accidents, but really in the long run it is sooo nice when they finally get it figured out!!


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