Wednesday, October 5, 2016

September Goals Recap + October Goals

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1. Read two books. Fail! I still haven't finished The Energy Bus. I use Overdrive to check out ebooks and I'm in line for several books I'm dying to read. 

2. Cook more. I won't say I've been cooking up a storm but I've cooked more in September than I have in awhile. So yay for progress!

3. Work on potty training Jack. You can read about that here

4. Putting together some fun work outfits. I have really upped my work outfit game. I'm getting up a little earlier and buying myself new clothing regularly. Just this weekend I purchased two new shirts and a pair of pants. Now, to find some new booties that don't kill my feet. 

5. Make our fall bucket list. You can see my list here.

6. Have fun at the beach. I had an amazing time and leaving Jack wasn't as bad as I thought. I was so ready to see him and even tried to get the others to leave a day early, but it all worked out. On the second day they put him on FaceTime and he said "hey mama, you at the beach" and then he ran to play. I then knew all was well and I could really enjoy myself. 

7. Make my decision about Weight Watchers. I've joined. Things are going well. I could do better. I did actually exercise yesterday so that is good. I'm making progress!

8. Get into a happy after school rhythm. This area of my life is soooo much better. I have gotten use to going to work and now have more energy after school. The key is to not get home and sit. I knew to stay upright. The more I move, the more I want to move. Once 8 o'clock hits, I'm done. 

October Goals

1. Do all the fall bucket list items. 

2. Send out wedding gifts to two friends.

3. Purchase a few Christmas gifts.

4. Put together Halloween treat for Jack's classmates, my co-workers, and my Secret Pal.

I'm keeping it super simple this month because my fall bucket list is a lot in itself. I'm excited about October. It is always busy but in the best way. 


  1. You nailed your goals for September and I hope you do the same in October. I need to work on our bucket list, too!

  2. Awesome job on your September goals! Doesn't it feel good to check something off the list? I can totally relate to #8. I always say I'm like the physics law, objects in motion stay in motion...objects at rest, stay at rest. I know if I sit's all over. Gotta keep moving. Hope you guys have the best October!!

  3. Great job on your September goals and I'm always a big fan of simple goals. Good luck crossing your things off the October to do list. It'll be nice to get a head start on Christmas shopping :)


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