Friday, October 14, 2016

5 on Friday (Past to Present)

1// This weekend we are going to the Pumpkin Patch! I'm super excited. It is in the top five of my favorite fall activities. The boys always have a fun time and we get lots of cute pictures. This year we get to take Maybree with us and I know she will look super adorable. I ordered Jack a precious monogrammed iron-on and I straight up screwed it up. I like for him to wear a monogrammed fall shirt but this year he is going to have to sport a Halloween shirt that I recently picked up from the mall. I've had to just let this one go. 

2// My friend Brooke and I are getting ready to take our prilgrimage to Fayetteville. We are going in November and then when we return we'll get to have Jack's birthday party. We always have the best of times there. I get to visit with my friend Betsy, watch Razorback football, eat amazing food, go out for drinks, see beautiful scenery, and just relax in the best way.

3// Last Halloween I really enjoyed putting together Jack's costume. He looked like the cutest scarecrow ever, it was cheaper, and it was a creative outlet for me. This year my sister texted me saying mom had a Zulilly credit and she was going to order the kids' Halloween costumes. All they had in his size was a policeman costume. I wasn't thrilled about it but since it was free I decided to just take a break from it this year. Well it came in today and my sister ordered the wrong size. It is HUGE on him. I'm now a little nervous about trying to get him a costume but yet I'm also excited that Jack won't be wearing a plain cop costume and also excited to get a chance to be creative. 

4// I'm missing the beach and not just the actual being at the beach part but also all the planning and talking to the girls about our plans. We had many of group texts that kept me laughing and kept me in an excited state. Being at the actual beach was so nice. I loved everything about it and the only things I would change is I'd like to fly and come back a day earlier. Being away from Jack for that long was too hard and by that last day I was aching to see him again. Then I really was aching on the way home from all the sitting. 

5// Although Arkansas had an upsetting loss against Alabama, it was expected. I'm ready for another game. We dress the kids in their Razorback gear, eat something yummy, and all visit during the game. It is always a fun time. Hopefully, the kids will be exhausted from the pumpkin patch and will be chill during the actual game. 

What are you most excited about for this weekend?


  1. If Jack wasn't the cutest little scarecrow there ever was! Oh my gosh how sweet!

  2. GOod luck finding a new costume! Our Wal-Mart still has tons so I hope you can find one or find supplies to make a great one. You've still got plenty of time :) Hope you have a blast at the pumpkin patch - we're hoping to get pumpkins this weekend!


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